Dulaney Lions Collegiate Athletics Committments

Dulaney Lions Collegiate Athletics Committments

Dulaney Lions
National Letter of Intent
Ivy / Academy Committments
November 8, 2017

Charlotte Lipstein full bio  

Charlotte Lipstein
Johns Hopkins University
Women's Lacrosse

Charlotte Lipstein will be closely followed as she continues her path of distinction at Johns Hopkins University. Charlotte is a calculating attacker with razor sharp precision in her attempts on goal. Her ability to take calculated risks on attack, and her relentless pursuits on the re-defend make her a player that must be guarded carefully. Congratulations, Charlotte! ~ Coach Korrow

Maggie Kelly full bio

Maggie Kelly
Lehigh University
Women's Lacrosse

Maggie Kelly has chosen to attend Lehigh University where she will continue following her academic and athletic dreams. Maggie is a player who knows how to win. She has the ability to take control of a game and make it her own, all while making her teammates shine. She does all of this with humility and grace under pressure. Congratulations, Maggie! ~ Coach Korrow

Casey O'Grady full bio  

Casey O'Grady
University of Connecticut
Women's Lacrosse

Casey O'Grady is continuing her academic and athletic career at the University of Connecticut. She is a crafty player who never gives less than 100 percent in both practice and games. Her passion and ability to inspire her teammates makes her an invaluable asset to this program, and it will serve her well at UCONN. Congratulations, Casey! ~ Coach Korrow

Nolan Matsko full bio

Nolan Matsko
Georgetown University

Nolan will be continuing his education and athletic career at the prestigious Georgetown University.  We are all extremely thrilled for Nolan as he is a phenomenal student-athlete.  His performance on the baseball diamond, football field and in the classroom are to be admired.  Congratulations Nolan! ~ Director of Athletics, Mr. Richard Reed   

Josh Cornish
Southern Utah University
Men's Basketball

We are looking forward to Josh having an outstanding senior year on and off the basketball court here at Dulaney. Josh is a leader on the court and an excellent student in the classroom. Coach Todd Simon and Southern Utah are very fortunate to add such a high level basketball player and quality young man to the Thunderbird roster! ~ Coach Lochte

Anna Griffith full bio

Anna Griffith
Dartmouth University
Women's Lacrosse

Anna Griffith has committed to continue academic and athletic excellence at Dartmouth University. She is a student athlete who pursues her goals with a fiery intensity. She exhibits great drive and dedication to all that she sets her mind to. She knows how to lead, especially by example, and it shows, as her teammates readily follow her. Congratulations, Anna! ~ Coach Korrow

Matthew Stidham
University of Mount Olive
Men's Lacrosse

Matthew Stidham has committed to play Division II Lacrosse for Coach Mike Murphy at Mount Olive University. Matthew brings a great deal of athleticism to the goalie position. He is a dynamic ball stopper that will make an immediate impact on the program at Mount Olive. Coach Murphy is fortunate to get such a great young man and lacrosse player and we look forward to watching the success that the Trojans of Mount Olive have with Matthew in the program. ~ Kyle Fiat