Dulaney Teammates of the Week

Each week, Student-Athletes, Coaches and Faculty can nominate someone they feel is a great teammate for the past week.  

The week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday at midnight. The list will be collected Monday of the next week and published to all the coaches and faculty members at Dulaney High School each Tuesday.

What makes a good teammate?  Multiple reasons!

Here is a great quote by Kobe Bryant that can help sum it up:
"I'll do whatever it takes to win games, whether it's sitting on a bench waving a towel, handing a cup of water to a teammate, or hitting the game-winning shot."

Dulaney Lions instill the following leadership qualities HONOR, COURAGE and PERSEVERANCE.  When nominating a fellow Lion, please list one of these qualities in your description.

Recognize a fellow Lion here (Link)

Here is this past week’s nominations!

January 15, 2018 (Week of January 8th)

Katie Eppler, Allied Bowling, 11th – Perseverance
“Katie consistently bowls with heart, and a smile on her face! She breaks her own records almost every week!” ~ Izzy Hodiste

Akirra Pullen, Women's Basketball, 12th – Perseverance
“Akirra has grown so much since her sophomore year. She has earned a starting role this season and led our team to a victory against Milford Mill with 18 points and 10 rebounds. Her work ethic in practice makes our team better each day.” ~ Coach Szymanski

Julia Whatley, Women's Basketball, 11th – Courage
“Julia came in off the bench against Parkville with determination and heart. She fought for every rebound and had finished the game with 8 points and 7 rebounds. I'm proud of her intensity, energy, and effort she exudes each day.” ~ Coach Szymanski

Adriana Ortiz, Cheerleading, 11th – Honor
“Adriana has been very working hard this season. With her new spot flying in the pyramid, she has been taking critiques and has really improved herself as a flyer. She never hesitates to ask questions to clear things up or for advice. Whenever there is extra time, Adri is working on something else like a dance. Adri is a real hard worker and is a great teammate.” ~ Sara Comaromi

Kyrone Fox, Men's Basketball, 11th – Honor
“Kyrone is a joy to coach, a very good basketball player and a heck of a teammate! It's his first year in our Program and is getting better every day. He continues to make the most of every opportunity he gets. Keep up the good work Ky!” ~ Coach Lochte

Pat Unger, Men's Basketball, 12th – Honor
“Pat is the type of guy every "Championship Program" needs! He is always thinking about others and always puts his teammates first. The perfect locker room guy and the ultimate buy in player. Thanks for everything you continue to do Pat!” ~ Coach Lochte

January 8, 2018 (Week of January 1st)

Ellen Scheel, Allied Bowling, 12th – Perseverance
“Ellen never fails to try her best. This week she got her high score of the season! Way to go Ellen! I’m so proud of your hard work.” ~ Sammy Reilly

Ellen Scheel, Allied Bowling, 12th – Courage
“She’s always up for a challenge even if she isn’t doing so well. She also knows how to work but have fun with her friends.” ~ Emma Hall

Larissa Mates, Allied Bowling, 9th – Perseverance
“Larissa is always cheering her teammates on, and always willing to take advice from her coach or buddies. No matter what kind match she bowled, Larissa always has a smile on her face.” ~ Allie Mercer

Lucy Hughes, Indoor Track, 11th – Perseverance
“Lucy is always pushing everyone around her to become better by being a great leader and leading by example!” ~ Casey O'Grady

Rowan Hughes, Indoor Track, 9th – Courage
“I've watched him race 4 times now, every time no matter who he's racing against he's racing for 1st and it often pays off. He was the anchor in my 4x400 relay and when I handed it off to him we were neck and neck with our fellow Dulaney A team. He was racing Alex Ozbolt an experienced 400 meter runner and a county champ in the 800. He held his own and took second by only a couple of seconds. If there’s one thing that will win you track races its courage down the stretch and that’s what I've seen from Rowan in every race. I have no doubt if he stays dedicated to the sport he will win a county championship if not this year, then in the years to come. Now if only he could take his talents to the fall (Cross Country).” ~ Brian, McCullough

Todd Williams, Indoor Track, 9th – Perseverance
“Even though it was one of the coldest weeks, he still complained, but wanted to come to practice and be with his friends.” Serena Chen

January 1, 2018 (Week of December 25th)

Justin white, Men’s Basketball, 10th – Perseverance
“Justin shows great leadership qualities and dedication to his teammates.” ~ Anonymous

Pat Dochat, Indoor Track, 9th – Perseverance
“He puts a lot of effort into all practices and meets, and has been getting good results.” ~ Anonymous

Sammy White, Women’s Basketball, 9th - Courage
“Sammy has done an amazing job this season. She has led our team in scoring and has taken two big time charges, one during our holiday tournament. She plays with heart and competitive edge each day!” ~ Coach Szymanski

Alex Ozbolt, Indoor Track, 12th – Perseverance
“Alex was not only a critical contributor to a phenomenal 4x8 performance last week, but he has also been pushing himself in the classroom as well. Alex embodies what it means to lead by example and we are truly lucky to have him.” ~ Coach Jackson

December 25, 2017 (Week of December 18th)

Mya Peña, Cheerleading, 10th – Honor
“Mya never stops wanting to do her stunt to better improve on something. From getting her counts down to working on putting her hips forward, she improves every day.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Anna D’Aleo, Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“Anna has really pushed through this week to hit her lib. She was having trouble at first and was frustrated but she kept at it and it’s gotten so much better. Anna is really good at taking advice and using it she’s a great flyer.” ~ Emma Garland

December 18, 2017 (Week of December 11th)

Nygel Mims, Wrestling, 12th - Courage
"Extremely proud of Nygel's determination and bravery. We are all anxiously awaiting his return to school and the team." ~ Mr. Richard Reed, Director of Athletics

Akirra Pullen, Women's Basketball, 12th – Perseverance
“Akirra is an ideal teammate. She brings energy, humor, and competitive edge to practice every day. Our team would not be the same without her!” ~ Coach Szymanski

Mikaela Romero, Women’s Basketball, 12th – Courage
“Mikaela shows courage by taking charge as the point guard and helping people understand the plays.” ~ Lydia Naughton

Mae Dickens, Women’s Basketball, 11th – Perseverance
“She is always pushing herself and teammates during practice to do the best we can and is always giving positive encouragement. She never gives up and fights until she accomplishes her goals.” ~ Riley McWilliams

Bella Baker, Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“At every practice Bella brings a positive attitude and lots of energy. She’s great at giving critiques and always pushes herself whether it’s making a stunt hit or trying to get her standing back tuck. She’s an awesome cheerleader and friend. :)” ~ Monica Valdez

Cierra Kearse, Cheerleading, 11th – Courage
“Cierra is a great team mate and brings a lot to the team. Cierra has been on varsity for a long time and really shows how much she cares for the team. Cierra stepping in as a captain when needed really bring a lot of ideas and steps up to the plate!” ~ Mya Pena

Hope Eckhart, Cheerleading, 12th - Perseverance
“This week, Hope has been busy with everything cheer. Between practice and cheering multiple games, she has been planning cheers, stunts, and dances for upcoming games. She also helped choreograph part of our competition dance and a holiday dance for Friday’s game. Hope has put a lot of time into cheering, especially this week, and is continuing to work hard as a good captain.” ~ Sara Comaromi

Dorrie Gaeng, Indoor Track, 12th – Perseverance
“Dorrie's commitment to both her athletics and academics is impressive to watch. Not only does she fulfill her daily practice commitments on a year round basis, but she goes above and beyond in the classroom. Dorrie is a fantastic role model on and off the track and we are truly lucky to have her.” ~ Brittany Jackson

Deasia Booker, Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“This past week and throughout the season Deasia has been someone any one of us could come to for help. Whenever she is needed she steps up and helps no matter what during practice and even during games with a very easy going personality and great versatile stunting skills. Overall she is a very caring person who’s not afraid to help in any way that she can.” ~ Paola Ruiz

Dylan McCabe, Indoor Track, 10th – Honor
“Great work ethic and tireless effort.” ~ Anonymous

Zakaria Audia, Indoor Track, 10th – Perseverance
“Zak is always supportive towards anyone nervous about their event while staying confident himself on race days.” ~ Adam Madro

Paola Ruiz, Cheerleading, 11th – Honor
“From frontspot , to back, to base, Paola is always looking for a spot to fill. In every position she does, she learns well and is always looking to get better. Also, her spirit on the court is outstanding!” ~ Sanaa Haamen

December 11, 2017 (Week of December 4th)

Becca Custer, Allied Bowling, 11th – Honor
“I'm proud of Becca as she returns for her 5th consecutive Allied Sports season in a dual role of Player and Peer Assistant.  This week as we began bowling, Becca took initiative to work with an athlete on our team that requires much assistance.  Becca is patient, kind, and hard-working.  And she is very loyal to our program.” ~ Anita Shaw

Olivia North, Women’s Soccer, 12th – Honor
“Olivia is a great PE leader.  She offers to help staff as well as the students in the class without complaint.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Deasia Booker, Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“Last Friday was our first basketball game of the season- yay! - Deasia was ready for it. She stayed spirited throughout the game and encouraged her other team-mates to do so. Deasia also slated our halftime dance and quarter performances. During practices, Deasia has stepped in as a much needed base in our single leg stunt groups. She has adjusted to her new position well and without hesitation. Way to go Deasia!” ~ Kyra Mahoney

Mya Pena, Cheerleading, 10th – Honor
“Mya is a great person to have on the cheer team. She always brings ideas and is always asking coach to try new stunts. She has been working very hard at practice to improve her skills especially in stunting. Mya’s stunt group consists of 3 upperclassmen varsity cheerleaders who want to perform very elite stunts. Mya has pushed herself to work and keep up with her stunt group to learn many new stunts this season. She also listens to everyone and takes critiques well. Mya continues to work hard this season to better herself and her team.” ~ Sara Comaromi

Taevan Bradley, Men's Basketball, 12th – Perseverance
“Teavan is the ultimate example of role buy in. After mastering his role in our Program last season, Teavan has now expanded his role drastically. As a junior last year he often didn't get in the game at all and now he is our full time back up point guard. Addition to basketball he is a great student, takes colleges classes, and works 20 plus hours a week outside of school and basketball - Extremely rare for student-athletes these days. For these reasons Teavan displays the leadership quality perseverance.” ~ Coach Lochte

Maggie Kelly, Field Hockey, 12th – Honor
“Maggie’s dedication to the entirety of the Athletic Department is greatly appreciated.  Her efforts to assist with our ticket office during all lunches last week provide all students the convenience to purchase tickets for the opening game.  She is constantly going above and beyond for the betterment of Dulaney.” ~ Mr. Richard Reed, Director of Athletics

December 4, 2017 (Week of November 27th)

Cierra Kearse, Cheerleading, 11th – Honor
“This past week athletics put on Winter Madness. Cierra was determined to make sure our performance was the best it could be. She was a great partner out on the dance floor. This past week we also started to prepare stunts for our routine. Cierra didn’t hesitate to encourage her teammates to push themselves at practice, and gave good advice to other stunts. Way to go Cierra!”  ~ Kyra Mahoney

Monica Valdez, Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“Monica is a great flyer and continues to stretch so that she can improve . At practice we were trying a new stunt and even though it was hard she didn’t give up and took critiques to figure out how to improve. She is a great teammate and friend.” ~ Cierra Kearse

Makyah Landrum, Cheerleading, 11th – Honor
“Since winter season started, Makyah was a very positive addition to the team. Just happy to be here surrounded with her teammates, some old friends and some new friends, she's been a very amiable person. She learns and picks up material really well and is always ready to jump into anything we're doing.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Kyra Mahoney, Cheerleading, 11th – Courage
“Kyra had to fill in for a past teammate in our single legs, which is not easy by itself, but also hit a switch up only trying it a few times. I’m very proud of her and happy that she returned this season.” ~ Hope Eckhart

Destiny Alicea, Cheerleading, 12th – Perseverance
“Destiny is a really hard worker. Though she may get some bumps and bruises through stunting she always pushes through and stays positive. She really motivates us to do our best. Destiny is an amazing teammate and friend.” ~ Emma Garland

Jack Tarantino, Baseball, 12th – Honor
“Jack’s chivalry and character were on full display at Winter Madness this past week during one of the spectator contests.  I am extremely proud to have him as a great role model in our school house.” ~ Mr. Richard Reed, Director of Athletics

November 20, 2017 (Week of November 13th)

Dorrie Gaeng, Cross Country, 12th – Honor
“This past week I have watched Dorrie interact with the underclassmen on her team. She is a wonderful role model for the entire girls cross country team and her work ethic is one to be mirrored. Congratulations on a fantastic 4 years dedicated to your sport!” ~ Brittany Jackson

Mae Dickens, Women's Basketball, 11th – Honor
“Mae had an awesome fall season in field hockey and has brought her energy and enthusiasm with her to basketball try-outs. She challenges her teammates with her speed on the court and continually pushes her teammates in a positive manner!” ~ Coach Szymanski

Perry Harrington, Field hockey, 12th – Honor
“Perry is a great teammate. She traveled to Catonsville to support her fellow teammates in the all-star game.  Her excitement for their successes is amazing.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Bryce Frederick, Baseball, 11th – Courage
“Extremely proud of Bryce’s approach to marketing and promoting all of our athletic programs.  His ingenious idea to develop a podcast alongside his impeccable journalistic talent set has really given a voice to numerous programs whom sometimes lack all the mass media coverage.  Bravo Bryce!” ~ Mr. Richard Reed, Director of Athletics

November 13, 2017 (Week of November 6th)

Dulaney Field Hockey Team – Perseverance
“I am incredibly proud of this entire team for their dedication, heart and hustle every single day since August 12th. What an amazing season full of great memories. Way to go ladies!” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Deasia Booker, Cheerleading, 11th – Honor
“Deasia is not only a good teammate but a good friend. Deasia is always there to put a smile on your face or make you laugh. Always willing to step in a stunt Deasia knows what she’s doing and does it well. Deasia really sets a good example for good teammate.” ~ Mya Pena

Hope Eckhart, Cheerleading, 12th – Honor
“Hope lives up to her role as captain of varsity and she deserves it. Whether she is feeling a little under the weather or stressed out she never fails to come in and do what she is supposed to do and what is expected of her. Very grateful to call her a close friend.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Paola Ruiz, Cheerleading, 11th – Honor
“Paola is always so spirited on the track and she is always so organized and comes prepared for any event that's thrown her way.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Olivia North, Women’s Soccer, 11th – Perseverance
“A huge thank you to Olivia for all of her help this past fall season.  Olivia was extremely helpful assisting all the fall teams ranging from field setup to delivering spirit attire to classrooms.” ~ Mr. Richard Reed, Director of Athletics 

November 6, 2017 (Week of October 30th)

Hannah Miller, Field Hockey, 11th – Perseverance
“Hannah has had a series of injuries and illnesses this season.  She has not let this interfere with her commitment to this team and her desire to improve.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Kyra Mahoney, Cheerleading, 11th- Perseverance
“Kyra is a great teammate. She always uplifts everyone. Kyra always come to practices and games in a positive mood ready to go. She never lets anyone feel left out. Kyra is a great base, teammate, and friend. She really makes her place on this team.” ~ Emma Garland

Jasmine Hernandez, Cheerleading, 12th – Honor
“Jasmine is a really good teammate. She’s in my stunt group and she always wants to try new things to get better. Jasmine pushes me to do my best and she’s always happy she never has an attitude. Although we may joke around a lot Jasmine is a really good friend and I’m happy to have her on the team.” ~ Emma Garland

Destiny Alecea, Cheerleading, 12th – Perseverance
“I’ve recently become closer with Destiny and I’m really glad I have. Destiny is very funny and a really good teammate. She always makes me laugh and strives to do her best. She’s also a really great base.” ~ Emma Garland

Allie Mercer, Field Hockey, 9th – Courage
“Allie’s penalty stroke save in the Regional Championship game was absolutely thrilling! Great job!” ~ Mr. Richard Reed, Director of Athletics

October 30, 2017 (Week of October 23rd)

Indira Thomas, Cheerleading, 11th – Honor
“Indira has had knee issues during the season. This hasn’t stopped her from rocking her first season on Varsity. She can make anyone smile. At Athletes Serving Athletes, her spirit was unmatchable! It was clear she was having fun and her good attitude was contagious.” ~ Kyra Mahoney

Sara Comaromi, Cheerleading, 12th – Perseverance
“Sara is so sweet. She always pushes everyone to do their best and constantly has a smile on her face. Sara can put anyone in a good mood. Whenever her Lib stunt hits everything she gets really excited and she’s really good at hyping everyone up.” ~ Emma Garland

Sara Comaromi, Cheerleading, 12th – Courage
“Sara is a very positive and uplifting person. If we weren’t hitting our single legs in practice, Sara would tell us that we can do it and let’s try it again. During the practices leading up to competition, we were really stressed but Sara continued to be positive and remind us to be confident and that we can hit our stunt. Sara is an amazing cheerleading and friend. She is a great asset to the team!” ~ Bella Baker

Adriana Ortiz, Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“Mya is always ready to give 110% whether it's at practice or on the mat at competition. She is always working hard and when something doesn't go well she is always willing to do it again.” ~ Mya Peña

Anna D'Aleo, Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“End of Competition week now. In the final two days of practice Anna has pushed through last minute changes while successfully executing them on the mat. For only two and half minutes to show the judged all we got, Anna pushed through the routines entirety and hit every stunt she could. The true definition of pushing through.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Anna Daleo, Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“Anna has constantly been giving it her all we have had a busy week and she comes to practice every day with a positive attitude and never complains. This past week with invatationals and our county competition. Anna's one legged stunts both hit and even with last minute changes Anna didn't complain and continued to take critiques. We had two games this week and Anna continues to spirit all the time Anna is good at what she does and I'm happy to have her as my flyer.” ~ Destiny Alicea

Kyra Mahoney, Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“At every practice Kyra is determined to do whatever she needs to hit her stunts. She’s a great team player who’s incredibly nice to everyone and makes everybody around her happy :).” ~ Monica Valdez Ramos

Kyra Mahoney, Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“Kyra showed major perseverance this week, especially with it being the week before competition. She worked extremely hard at every practice and gave 110% at all of them. She has taken the pressure and stress of this week and pushed herself extra hard. Kyra takes critiques and betters herself from them and has demonstrated what it means to be a good teammate.” ~ Alyssa Brown

Mya Pena, Cheerleading, 10th – Perseverance
“This week was competition week & Mya has been pushing herself to do her best. At practice Mya has been trying to hit her switch up to a lib & she has been practicing really hard to do so. At competition she DID! She worked really hard to do so & I’m proud of her.” ~ Deasia Booker

Sanaa Haamen, Cheerleading, 12th – Perseverance
“Sanaa has been determined to keep our stunt group motivated this entire week. She helped with new counts for our single legs and made sure we knew when to start. Sanaa has also been giving critiques and tips to make sure we're confident and ready to hit at competition. Her attitude this week really made a difference in our performance.” ~ Anna D'Aleo

Anna Simoes, Field Hockey, 10th – Courage
“Anna was recently pulled up to varsity and has been doing a great job.  She took a hard hit to the body and didn’t skip a beat.  I am proud of how she has grown as a player throughout the season.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Grace Monacelli, JV Field Hockey, 9th – Perseverance
Grace's vibrant attitude and energy permeates throughout our team. We can always count on her to be the first one to volunteer to help pick up equipment or for a kind word. Our team is so lucky to have a teammate like her!” ~ Coach Jackson

Sarah Frohme, JV Field Hockey, 9th – Perseverance
“Sarah brings her first year to an end as goal keeper with allotting only 6 goals against her throughout our 17 scrimmage/game season. Sarah is consistently working to perfect her craft as GK and she does this with a bright, contagious attitude. I cannot wait to see where her work ethic takes her over the next 3 and a half years.” ~ Coach Jackson

Heavin Robinson, Cheerleading, 12th – Courage
“Heavin was in an important stunt group, one of our single legs that was hitting a switch up, and it hit at counties. This was her first time competing at counties! She did really good and didn’t come off as nervous at all.” ~ Hope Eckhart

Destiny Alicea, Cheerleading, 12th - Perseverance
“With last minute changes due, Destiny started freaking out about not being able to perform and hit. However, she was a very motivational force driving our stunt to hit and ended up being very successful on the mat. Kudos to her and her perseverance.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Alyssa Brown, Cheerleading, 12th – Honor
“Competition week being the hardest of the season Alyssa has really showed herself as captain. Constantly pushing herself and taking some hits Alyssa never fails to push through. Although there were some ups and downs at the end of the day Alyssa is a great teammate and will be greatly missed next year.” ~ Mya Pena

Emma Garland, Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“Emma is the glue of our stunt group. She pushes all of us to keep going. She also keeps the rest of the stunt group positive when our stunt doesn’t hit. She is very flexible when it comes to switching stunt positions or changing her spot in the routine. Emma always tries to make the best of everything and never gives up.” ~ Jasmine Hernandez

Bella Baker, Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“This is Bella’s first season on varsity and she has fit in extremely well. I base with her in all 3 of the stunt sections of our routine. She is an amazing basing partner. We work very well together; we communicate well and she never fails to encourage me and our stunt group.
Bella has been fighting through a shoulder injury for the past month. She knows when not to overdo it during practice but still knows when to push herself for the better of the group. Bella always puts a smile on my face whether it’s during games, practice, or around school. I am so proud of her for tumbling and performing the routine at our competition on Tuesday AND hitting all of our stunts!!
" ~ Sara Comaromi

Adrianna Ortiz, Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
Adrianna with her first season on varsity has learned to improve her stunting skills. Over the season Adri has learned to take her critics and put it into everything she does to help improve and better herself. Adri is not only a great teammate but a good friend.” ~ Mya Pena

Hope Eckhart, Cheerleading, 12th – Perseverance
“Hope is not only a great captain and leader but is amazing teammate. She’s always coming up with new and fun things to help better the team. Hope is a blast to be around and is the definition of a well-rounded cheerleader.” ~ Heavin Robinson

Drew Dailey, Cross Country, 11th – Perseverance
“Congratulations to Drew on earning the much coveted County Championship title!  His dedication to his craft should be highly commended as his contributions and leadership to this amazing running unit is pivotal going into the State Championship.  Great job!” ~ Mr. Richard Reed, Director of Athletics

October 23, 2017 (Week of October 16th)

Sam Niehaus, Men’s Soccer, 12th – Honor
“Sam demonstrated a selfless act for a teammate in need.  Last game, Sam was unable to participate due to injury but still played a huge role as a teammate.  After a rough collision, his teammate opened up a wound that would require constant bandaging.  At one point, his teammate’s cut bleed onto his jersey to the point he was removed by the officials.  Sam without hesitation took his off so that his teammate could wear it and play on - a true selfless act by a great teammate.” ~ Mr. Richard Reed, Director of Athletics

Anna D’Aleo, Cheerleading, 11th - Perseverance
“Anna has certainly persevered through our last, and definitely toughest week of the competitive season. With counties coming closer and closer everyday Anna kept her head straight on what she needed to accomplish. Towards the beginning of the week her single leg stunt in the routine wasn’t no consistently hitting but this didn’t stop her. She accepted critiques and advice from her stunt-members and stayed focused, powering through her past injuries. Anna’s ability to show up to practice ready to work and stay positive allowed her to accomplish her goal. On Saturday she hit her single leg stunt on the competition mat, and as her base, I couldn’t be more proud of her. Go Anna!” ~ Kyra Mahoney

Deasia Booker, Cheerleading, 11th – Honor
"Deasia can make anyone on our team feel welcome. She loves what she does even though she doesn’t always show it. Her position on this team could not be replaced by anyone. Deasia brought a good attitude to every practice this past week, and is often able to bring up the spirit of her fellow teammates. With this week being the hardest of the cheer season, this was much needed and much appreciated. It’s hard not to love Deasia!" ~ Kyra Mahoney

Destiny Alicea , Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“Destiny took so major hits this week stunting. Despite her stunts not always hitting, Destiny didn’t give up. With her big smile and spunky attitude, she was able to pump up the other members of her stunt group to push through the pain too. Destiny is strong both physically and mentally. I don’t know what we would do without her on our team. Saturday she did amazing at her first varsity competition. As her stunt partner, I am so proud of everything she has accomplished this season!” ~ Kyra Mahoney

Sanaa Haamen, Cheerleading, 12th – Courage
“Sanaa knows exactly what to say to bring her stunt group up. She is determined to accomplish her goals, in and out of cheer, and everyone knows it. Sanaa doesn’t settle for second best and doesn’t let her teammates do so either. Second best isn’t an option when on the competition mat and Sanaa encouraged her whole team to hit our routine on Saturday, which we did. :)” ~ Kyra Mahoney

Carly Baker, Field Hockey, 12th – Honor
“Carly continues to be the source of strength and encouragement for the team.  Even with an injury, she has a positive attitude and solid work ethic.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Reece Spann, Field Hockey, 12th – Honor
“Reece works hard every day.  She continues to sharpen her stick skills and develop her overall play.  Reece also is a great teacher of these skills to her teammates.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Alyssa Brown, Cheerleading, 12th – Perseverance
“Alyssa has really stepped up as a leader this season. She is always coming up with ideas and critiques on how we can perfect our routine.  She motivates us to hit our stunts and encourages us to step out of our comfort zone. Alyssa is a great teammate and friend.” ~ Cierra Kearse

Jasmine Hernandez, Cheerleading, 12th – Perseverance
“During practice, Jasmine always wants to practice our Shown Go to improve the stunt for competition. When the stunt falls she always quick to ask what happened to make the stunt better, she never hesitates to ask coach or another teammate for pointers And always takes the critics well. Her perseverance is shown at every practice and at invitationals.” ~ Bryonna Johnson

Bella Baker, Cheerleading, 11th – Courage
“Every practice Bella has always come in with a smile, and a positive attitude ready to get to work. Even though her shoulders been hurting she knows when to take a break and not push herself so we can get right back to work and has managed to keep a smile on her face the whole time and she’s always looking after other teammates and making sure that they’re okay.” ~ Indira Thomas

Kyra Mahoney, Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“Kyra comes to practice every day with a smile on her face and a positive attitude and it rubs off on everyone especially her stunt group. She continuously encourages her stunt group to keep trying when the stunt doesn't hit and communicates well to her group when trying to come up with solutions on how to fix it. She also has constantly been working hard on her body positions when doing one legged stunts and it has definitely paid off because at invitationals her stunt went up. Kyra is a great person to be around and a great teammate.” ~ Destiny Alicea

Mya Pena, Cheerleading, 10th- Honor
“Mya is a very good teammate. She always strives to do her best. At practice every day when we are working on the pyramid, she always wants to keep going so she can get better. She also is very good at taking critiques. Mya is a great teammate and person.” ~ Emma Garland

Mya Pena, Cheerleading, 10th – Perseverance
“Mya works hard and knows when she did something wrong and how to fix it. She always takes criticism and comments easily and tries hard to apply them to what she is doing. She has improved so much just this fall season and I am proud to have her as a teammate.” ~ Hope Eckhart

October 16, 2017 (Week of October 9th)

Perry Harrington, Field Hockey, 12th – Perseverance
“From where she was first day freshman year to where she is now, it is amazing.  I am so proud of her for so many reasons.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Paige Johnson, Field Hockey, 12th - Honor
“Paige works hard every day.  She is a great leader and role model.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Annelise Molavi, Cross Country, 9th – Honor
“On Saturday, Annelise selflessly volunteered to help in the finish line after she had already finished her race for the day.  Yet, her honor is earned because I watched her carry a distressed runner all by herself to safety after the runner had fallen at the end of the race.” ~ Coach Boyle

Casey O’Grady & Mark Bonner, SALB, 12th – Perseverance
“Extremely proud of Casey and Mark for their hard work keeping everyone focused during a spirited and busy Homecoming Week.  Your efforts do not go unnoticed as we all truly appreciate everything you all did to make this year’s Homecoming Week awesome!” ~ Mr. Richard Reed, Director of Athletics

Lily Widner, Women’s Soccer, 12th – Courage
“Thank you so much for organizing the first annual Movie Night!  It was great to see so many students and children attend this event.  You did an amazing job! Get well soon.” ~ Mr. Richard Reed, Director of Athletics

Josh Nicoll, Football, 12th – Courage
“Josh did a great job working with Lily and Kathryn on this year’s Movie Night.  His ideas and willingness to step up for his group made this a special night for so many children and students.  Thanks Josh!” ~ Mr. Richard Reed, Director of Athletics

Kathryn Parler, Volleyball, 12th – Courage
“Kathryn was instrumental in this year’s Movie Night.  Her ability to manage the event and tie it into the volleyball match should be commended.  It was great to see Kathryn, Lily and Josh promote Women’s Athletics by offering a great event alongside!” ~ Mr. Richard Reed, Director of Athletics

October 9, 2017 (Week of October 2nd)

Rachel Gude, JV Field Hockey, 10th - Honor
“Rachel's unwavering optimism and buoyancy do not go unnoticed. We can always count on her for a smile or a word of encouragement in any given situation. Her zeal for the game is contagious and her energy permeates throughout our team and for that, we are truly grateful to have her.” ~ Coach Jackson

Adriana Ortiz, Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“Everyday Adriana comes to practice ready to improve on anything she can. She always asks questions and works hard to make anything she’s trying to work on better. She puts in 110% to practice every day.”~ Emma Garland

Zoe Hermann, Field Hockey, 11th – Perseverance
“Zoe is always the first to ask what she can do to help.  Many times she is one step ahead of me :) Even with being in a boot unexpectedly, she still does everything she can to be a great teammate while also working on her own skills.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Casey O’Grady, Field Hockey, 12th – Perseverance
“Casey was exhausted in OT play against Hereford.  She found the energy and strength to score the game winning goal with 33 seconds left in OT.  Casey always gives 100% no matter how tired she is.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Destiny Alicea, Cheerleading , 12th – Perseverance
“Destiny has shown a lot of determination during practices. Instead of getting upset when stunts aren't hitting, she's willing to keep trying over and over, even practicing through breaks. She's always looking for some way to better herself and her group in order to progress. Destiny is an amazing teammate and continuously earns her place on varsity.”  ~ Anna D'Aleo

Destiny Alicea, Cheerleading, 12th - Perseverance          
“Destiny is always just looking to go go go! She rarely stops to break, even though she may need it, to continuously work on her stunt. She comes with the mindset that no matter how many times it falls, we're trying again; and it never fails to show every day during practice.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Anna D'Aleo, Cheerleading, 11th - Perseverance  
“Anna was out for about a week but she came back ready to get back in the routine of things! It's very easy to say that the week she was out did nothing to slow her roll. She comes to practice ready to give her all, especially in her stunts. She has progressed so much in just the few days she's been back and it's almost as if she hadn't left.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Anna D’Aleo, Cheerleading, 11th – Honor
“Dealing with quite a few bruises and some time off, Anna never fails to put all she has into her stunts. Even after her week off Anna kept her positivity up and was ready for practice when she came back. Anna is constantly getting critiques for her stunts and always puts the effort to fix her mistakes.” ~ Mya Pena

Ryan Conway, Men's Basketball, 9th – Courage
“Ryan Conway is an extremely talented basketball player (no question about that) but his qualities go way beyond basketball - He's also a great student and great person! Just last week he was acknowledged by multiple seniors at morning BFS (Bigger Faster Stronger Club) workouts for being one of the hardest workers in the gym. This young man has courage and we are all excited to see him in action this winter as Hoops Season officially begins!” ~ Coach Lochte

Kyra Mahoney, Cheerleading, 11th – Honor
Kyra is really great at communicating with her teammates! She makes sure that everyone's ideas are involved and integrated in some way with her stunts and critiques her own faults and progresses every time. She comes fully committed to whatever she is involved in and does it all with pep in her step and a smile on her face.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Jasmine Hernandez, Cheerleading, 12th – Honor
“During practice when we have small breaks in between parts of our routine, Jasmine is always working on something else she can improve on. Whether it's our dance for pep rally or homecoming, or just different parts of our routine she is always trying to improve herself into being better as a whole. Her jumps have also been getting a lot more height.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Heavin Robinson, Cheerleading, 12th – Honor
“Heavin is always willing to try and learn new things and she picks up new material very quickly. Whether it's from transitions in our routine or learning a new motion in our dance, she's very good at staying focused and is always prepared.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Mya Peña, Cheerleading, 10th – Perseverance
“With learning a new stunt for our pyramid, Mya is always bringing new ideas to the table and she also doesn't mind being thrown into things she has never done before. She takes what is given to her head on and is always willing and to face a challenge and ends up very successful.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Natalie Mummert, Volleyball, 9th – Perseverance
“I am extremely thankful for Natalie’s consistence each day as she is always willing to go above and beyond to help her teammates setup for home matches.” ~ Mr. Richard Reed, Director of Athletics

October 2, 2017 (Week of September 25th)

Morgan Pierce, Field Hockey, 10th – Perseverance
“Morgan's tenacity and determination continue to elevate her game in every facet possible. During practices she consistently strives to be better for not just herself, but for her teammates as well. Morgan is reliable both on the field, with her stealthy defensive saves, and off the field, with her affirmative and enthusiastic cheerfulness. I cannot wait to see where the next two and a half years take her.” ~ Brittany Jackson

George Durmowicz, Basketball Manager, 12th – Perseverance
“George has been an extremely helpful PE leader. He is willing to assist with anything that needs to be done to help the PE department and students. We are grateful for you George!” ~ Coach Szymanski

Mae Dickens, Field Hockey, 11th – Perseverance
“Mae has been working hard to reduce her foot fouls and has cut them in half.  Her focus and hard work is paying off.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Maggie Kelly, Field Hockey, 12th – Perseverance
“Maggie is a scoring machine!  Keep at it Marg!” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Emma Chandler, Field Hockey, 10th – Honor
“Emma is always looking to improve her game and try to be the best hockey player she can be. On top of that, Emma is always one of the most vocal and supportive on or off the field. She can be a catalyst to bring up spirits if we are down and will never stop working hard!” ~ Casey O'Grady

Lyde Courtez, Football, 11th – Perseverance
“I am extremely proud of Courtez for working so hard to earn a spot on the football team. I have seen a tremendous difference in his demeanor both on and off the field.  Great job Lyde!” ~ Mr. Richard Reed, Director of Athletics

September 25, 2017 (Week of September 18th)

Zoe Hermann, Field Hockey, 11th - Perseverance
“Zoe stays with it and never quits no matter what happens. Even if she ever makes a mistake she trys as hard as she can to get it back and stay with it. She really will never give up!” ~ Casey O'Grady

Cierra Kearse, Cheerleading, 11th-  Perseverance
“Cierra just recovered from a concussion and isn’t scared and already wants to do everything she can. She already started tumbling and jumping her first day back and is just dying to do more!” ~ Hope Eckhart

James Green, Football, 12th – Honor
“During an activity in health, James noticed that one of his classmates needed a partner and James stepped right in to be his partner and help him.  He practiced an enormous amount of patience and kindness.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Carmen  Roy, JV Field Hockey, 9th – Perseverance
“Carmen works so hard every single practice and constantly gets better and better.  Even after a mistake she doesn’t fail to recover right away and she always tries her best. She is such an amazing player and teammate.” ~ Morgan, Pierce

Bella Baker, Cheerleading , 11th – Perseverance
“This is Bella’s first season on varsity , she is constantly coming up with fun new tumbling passes we can do at games . She is always willing to try new things and go with the flow, I’m happy to have her as a teammate and a friend.” ~ Cierra Kearse

Chan Park, Golf, 11th – Honor
“Chan is a great leader on our squad who works hard every day to improve his game and help everyone on the team get better and better.” ~ Bobby O’Grady

Brian McCullough, Cross Country, 12th – Perseverance
“Brian led the Lions to a huge victory this past Saturday at the 66th Annual Spiked Shoe Invitational.  His third place finish helped ensure the Lions overall team championship over state rival Severna Park.” ~ Mr. Richard Reed, Director of Athletics

September 18, 2017 (Week of September 11th)

Johnny McGrain, Men's Soccer, 10th – Honor
“Johnny is always working hard to improve himself.  His relentless work ethic, and positive outlook on his improvement, sets a tremendous example for his teammates.” ~ Coach Dan LaHatte

Alexis Yeagle, Women's Soccer, 11th – Perseverance
“Though injured, Alexis continues to be present and support her teammates. She's helpful at practice, and when someone got hurt this week, was there to support and care for her until the player's dad arrived. I'm proud of her dealing with her injury, and for how she's still been supportive!” ~ Coach Velky

Destiny Alicea, Cheerleading, 12th – Honor
“This is Destiny's first fall on Varsity and she has really held her own. She has earned her spot as a main base on our team, an important job. This last week especially Destiny brought positive energy to our practices. When things don't go, Destiny encourages others and doesn't give up. Love having her on our team this season!!” ~ Kyra Mahoney

Destiny Alicea, Cheerleading, 12th – Perseverance
“This week Destiny has been KILLING IT!! We cheered at two games this week, a soccer and a football game, and she spirited, cheered, and jumped throughout the entirety of both games. As her teammates, we all recognized it and voted her most spirited at the soccer game. Destiny has also been very motivated to try new stunts and be part of stunts for our game day routine. Kudos to her single leg stunt group hit their stunt this week as well. Destiny has been working very hard to improve herself and it is showing. She is a great friend and teammate to be around. :)” ~ Sara Comaromi

Anna Chesser, Women’s Soccer, 9th – Courage
“Anna demonstrated such class in a difficult situation after a match last week.  Her courage should be commended as she epitomized an above the line demeanor.” ~ Mr. Richard Reed, Director of Athletics

Emma Garland, Varsity Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“Cierra had gotten a concussion and even though she was hurt she still came to all the practices and our games in uniform to support us. She also woke up early to come with us to support the Sinai race. She really pushed through and didn't stop. She's shown lots of excitement to get back in and cheer with us.” ~ Cierra Keirse

Grace Jung, Field Hockey, 12th – Honor
Grace is an outstanding leader and teammate.  She shows up every day ready to work and inspires those around her to do the same.  The FH program is lucky to have her.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Allie Mercer, Field Hockey, 9th – Courage
“Being a freshman on a varsity squad can be intimidating, but Allie has embraced this challenge.  She has handled the pressure of being in the goal cage wonderfully and continues to get better every day.  Can't wait to see what the next 4 years have in store for her.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Carly Baker, Field Hockey, 12th – Perseverance
“Carly always gives it her all in practice and constantly encourages the whole team to do better. She is constantly a role model to everyone on the team and everyone can learn something from her ability to be such a great teammate!” ~ Casey O'Grady

Amalia Hobbs, JV Field Hockey, 9th – Perseverance
“Amalia is impressive to watch on and off the field. Her determination to give it her all every second of every day sets the tone for all practices and games. She is a role model for all around her!” ~ Coach Jackson

Sanaa Haamen, Cheerleading, 12th – Honor
“At every practice, Sanaa brings a positive attitude no matter what. She makes sure that everyone on the team is happy and comfortable. She has great stunting skills and is always smiling during games no matter how tired she gets, Sanaa is an awesome cheerleader.” ~ Monica Valdez Ramos

Sanaa Haamen, Varsity Cheerleading, 12th - Honor
“Sanaa is the definition of well-rounded cheerleading. She comes to practice ready to condition and work on everything that is asked of her. She doesn't only have great leadership skills but is always willing to think out the box and come up with ideas for cheers at games. Sanaa is a blessing to be around not only as a teammate but as an amazing friend.” ~ Heavin Robinson

Josh Cornish, Men's Basketball, 12th – Perseverance
“Although at times, during the recruiting process, overlooked by colleges - Josh has shown a great deal of perseverance working on his game and getting better every day.  And it sure has paid off!!! Josh has given a verbal commitment, had a fantastic visit this past weekend to campus, and is looking forward to signing his letter of intent to play basketball at Southern Utah University in early November! Josh is a great example of hard work paying off - Congratulations Josh! Go Thunderbirds!” ~ Coach Lochte

Paola Ruíz, Cheerleading, 11th – Honor
“Paola always comes to practice prepared and ready to go. She does what is asked of her without hesitation and is always looking for ways to get better without asking.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Sara Comaromi, Fall cheerleading, 12th – Perseverance
“I'm voting for Sara because every practice she always has a big smile on her face, is always prepared and ready to go, and is a good leader. If she see's someone struggling with something she'll help and push us to always work harder and do our best. And she's a quick learner and helps me learn faster. And I think Sara should be teammate of the week.” ~ Indira Thomas

Cierra Kearse, Cheerleading, 11th – Courage
“Cierra recently got a concussion and is out for the next couple of weeks but she has to continue to show up and support her team every day, She is always asking our coach what she can do on the sidelines and has not let her injury slow her down.” ~ Jasmine Hernandez

Indira Thomas, Cheerleading, 11th – Courage
“Indira has been improving so much this season. She isn't afraid to ask questions about cheers or how to do something, and she is always in a bright and happy mood. This week she showed courage by flying in a stunt at practice as well as a game. She has been working hard and it really shows!” ~ Bella Baker

Bridget Kelly, Varsity Field Hockey, 10th – Perseverance
“Bridget works hard each practice and is willing to play whatever position Coach Fialcowitz puts her in... even if it's positions she's never played before. She has such a great personality and always has a smile on her face. Bridget is such a joy to be around and to coach!!” ~ Coach Slavin

Erin Hill, Varsity Field Hockey, 12th – Perseverance
“Erin has worked hard each day to improve and it definitely shows every time she makes a huge defensive stop on the field. She embraces her role whether it's on the sideline cheering on her teammates or make great plays on the field. Erin has a lot of contagious spirit and it’s fun to see it spread to her teammates.” ~ Coach Slavin

Robbie Gehman, Cross Country, 9th - Honor
“As a freshman, he has already passed Dylan McCabe and Max Fisher.” ~ Max Fisher

Caleb Sedgwick, Cross Country, 10th – Perseverance
“Won the JV race at Barnhart.” ~ Max Fisher

Dylan McCabe, Cross Country,10th – Perseverance
“Even though he had a bad race he was still a great teammate.” ~ Cooper Giesler

Angelo Petrosillo, Men's soccer, 10th – Courage

“Angelo is a great person to play this sport with as he is always helping kids get up when they fall. He will always bring someone up by telling them one of his witty jokes that he says. He treats teammates with smiles.” ~ Anonymous

Anna Dimitriades, Women’s Soccer, 12th – Perseverance
“Congratulations to Anna as she has committed to further her academic and athletic career at Salisbury University!” ~ Mr. Richard Reed, Director of Athletics

September 11, 2017 (Week of September 4th)

Sam Niehaus, Men's Soccer, 12th - Perseverance  
“Sam has been extremely positive and has made a point to inspire his teammates through demonstrating what it means to be a leader.”
~ Coach Danny Skelton

Lydia Naughton, Field Hockey, 12th - Honor
“Lydia is amazing.  In addition to being a great hockey player, she is funny, hardworking and a joy to coach.” 
~ Coach Fialcowitz

Chan Park, Golf, 11th - Perseverance
“Chan, started the year projected to be the #1 seeded golfer on our team, however we had a freshman come in and claim the position at the beginning of the season.  Chan has persevered and reclaimed that position on our team. The entire season he has been a role model, he has helped others, organized projects and been a leader on our team!” 
~ Coach Mike Wall

Owen Campbell, JV Men's Soccer, 10th - Perseverance 
“Every day at practice Owen is a leader in his words and actions.  His teammates respect how he goes about his craft and listen to his words of advice.” 
~ Coach Dan LaHatte

Audrey Dickens, JV Field Hockey, 10th - Perseverance    
“Audrey's distinguished work ethic and supportive leadership has elevated team morale and practice climate all season. Her commitment to her teammates and to this sport does not go unnoticed. She is consistently going above and beyond and encourages her teammates to do the same day in and day out.” 
~ Coach Brittany Jackson

Emma Chandler, Field Hockey, 10th - Perseverance        
“Emma is always quick to offer help to her coaches and teammates.  She is also always asking for ways to get better and improve her game.” 
~ Coach Fialcowitz

Cierra Kearse, Cheerleading , 11th – Perseverance
“Whenever her stunt falls she is always quick to get up and willing to try again.” 
~ Bryonna Johnson

Megan Briggs, Women's Golf, 11th – Perseverance
“Megan has shown great improvement from last season, which is a testament to her dedication to golf. While she works to improve her own game, she always stays positive and encourages those around her.”
~ Coach Jamie Bare

Nolan Matsko, Varsity Football, 12th - Honor            
“Nolan has stepped up this season and is the definition of a leader. Setting the standard, refusing to make excuses, and always holding everyone accountable, including himself.”
~ Coach Thompson

Lily Davidson, Cross Country/Basketball/Lacrosse, 11th – Courage
“I am so proud of Lily for participating in cross country this fall! She has shown courage by trying something new. She pushes herself and strives to get better each day. She has been named a group running leader and I am excited to see her race this fall!”
~ Coach Szymanski

Mae Dickens, Field Hockey, 11th – Perseverance
“Constantly is encouraging and working the hardest on the field no matter how exhausted she may be!”
~ Casey O'Grady

Johnny McGrain, Soccer, 10th - Courage
“Johnny is always encouraging everyone on the team to get better. Even when there are players that don't play as much he tries to encourage them to work hard and not give up on playing time as one of our captains.”
~ Owen Campbell

Jessica Strauch, Women's Soccer, 10th – Honor
“On her way to the locker room after soccer practice, Jessica stopped at attention while the National Anthem was being played at the Varsity Volleyball match.  As I glanced over, numerous others went in and out of the locker room but Jessica stood still honoring the anthem.  Extremely proud of her!  We all could learn a lot from her actions.” 
~ Mr. Richard Reed, Director of Athletics

Kyra Mahoney, Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“With new additions to our team this year, we also have new stunt groups. Getting ready for our competition routine, Kyra has been non-stop taking critiques on how she should base properly to help the stunt stay up. She does all of this with a smile on her face and positivity all around. She's willing to do anything for her team.”
~ Sanaa Haamen

Kyra Mahoney, Cheerleading , 11th – Perseverance
“She always takes critiques well and tries to apply them to what she is doing. She keeps trying over and over and doesn’t get frustrated when something goes wrong.”
~ Hope Eckhart

Kevin Zorbach, Cross Country, 12th – Courage
“He always is able to get all of the new athletes in Cross Country to be involved and still have fun. Also is always a huge help with anything the captains/coaches need.”
~ Mark Bonner

Lions Volleyball Teams, JV and Varsity, Volleyball, 11th – Honor
“I would sincerely like to thank the Dulaney Volleyball teams for their perseverance, courage and honor! They did an outstanding job raising proceeds for their teams as well as for the Lupus Foundation of America. Remember ladies, it takes a team to win a game! You all have truly outdone yourselves. Huge thank you to the staff for selecting an amazing group of women. Go Lions!”
~ Dominique Davis, Miss Maryland United States 2017

Mya Pena, Cheerleading, 10th – Honor
“Mya is our baby on varsity being our only sophomore, but she certainly holds her own. Mya stays positive throughout practices and games with her contagious smile and excited attitude. She has earned her spot on this team.”
~ Kyra Mahoney

Mya Peña, Cheerleading, 10th – Perseverance 
“While working on single legged libs at practice, Mya has been consistently trying to hit her switch up, a more difficult stunt. She takes whatever her teammates say to help her better improve and executes it immediately after. For being the only sophomore on a Varsity team, she really steps up to the plate. From bringing new ideas and constantly trying to try them out, she's a very fun member to the team.” 
~ Sanaa Haamen

Monica Valdez, Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“Monica is always positive, she manages to put a smile on anyone's face and pushes people to keep going and not give up.”
~ Emma Garland

Monica Valdez, Cheerleading, 11th – Perseverance
“From hitting her single based full , to trying to execute a new stunt in our pyramid, Monica has been very determined to hit it at all costs. She takes constructive criticism from her team well and always finds a way to better improve herself in anything she does. She comes prepared and ready to give 110% at practice and manages to stay positive all the time. She's a very valuable member to the team.”
~ Sanaa Haamen

Heavin Robinson, Cheerleading, 12th - Courage
“Heavin is always encouraging everyone throughout our practices even when everyone is out of breath and just wants to quit she still pushes us telling us that we can do it. She always has a positive attitude that everyone feeds off of, Heavin is an awesome cheerleader. :)”
~ Monica Valdez Ramos

Hope Eckhart, Cheerleading, 12th - Perseverance
"My Teammate of The Week nomination goes to Hope Eckhart. Hope always shows great leadership skills, integrity, and great sportsmanship. Hope is always the first person to take out mats and help people when needed. Hope is an AMAZING captain and great friend.”
~ Deasia Booker

RJ Feerick, Men's Soccer, 10th – Perseverance
“RJ is a great leader and has done very well keeping the team moving forward.” 
~ Anonymous  

Cameron Amoruso, Men's Basketball,11th – Honor
“Cameron Amoruso - Does the right thing on and off the court. Always willing to help the Team / Program any way he can. Always puts others before himself. A joy to coach. Looking forward to seeing take on an even larger leadership role as he heads into his Junior Season!”
~ Coach Lochte

May 8, 2017 (Week of May 1st)

Sam Harsel, Tennis, Grade 12 – Honor
“Not only did Sam show tremendous leadership on the court by serving as 1/2 of a county championship doubles team, he also showed up on two other days when he wasn't playing to cheer on and support his teammates.” ~ Coach Dan LaHatte

May 1, 2017 (Week of April 29th)

Eric Madsen, Baseball, Grade 10 – Perseverance
“Eric Madsen is a pleasure to coach and displays great teamwork daily.  Eric helps prepare the team for upcoming opponents by doing whatever is asked of him during practices and games to make both his teammates and himself better.  Eric is a crucial ingredient to our team's success and we are lucky to have him.” ~ Coach Handler

Matt O'Conner, Allied softball, Grade 10 – Perseverance
“Matt has been working so hard and has continued to improve throughout the season. Keep up the good work.” ~ Emme Orazi

Matt is always excited to be at practice. He will lend his teammates a hand if the need help and always has so much spirit. Matt has continued to get better and better throughout the season and never gives up in a game.” ~ Caroline McClellan

“Matt is a great and hard worker. He always runs to get the ball and does his best to make sure that everyone is happy.  He always loves to talk to everybody and see how they're doing.” ~ Delaney Bernhardt

Brian Duffy, Allied Softball, Grade 12 – Honor
“Duff is an excellent teammate, he is constantly cheering and encouraging his teammates throughout practices and games! He makes the players feel better about their performance, and is always available for a high five!” ~ Vivi McGroder

Ethan Samels, Track & Field, Grade 9 – Perseverance
“Ethan's commitment and dedication does not go unseen.  He is constantly challenging himself on runs and during the workouts and it is now paying off in his races as we head into the competitive part of our season!” ~ Coach Jackson 

Bryonna Johnson, Cheerleading, Grade 11 – Honor
“Bryonna has shown support for team mates, both inside and outside of practice. She is always encouraging us to push ourselves and correct our mistakes whenever a stunt doesn't hit. She provides a positive attitude even if the rest of the team is flustered. She also has shown improvement throughout this whole season and is not afraid to test her limits.” ~ Jasmine Hernandez

Anna D'Aleo, Cheerleading, Grade 10 - Perseverance
“Anna has done a great job in displaying perseverance these past few weeks. She never gives up and does whatever it takes to make sure that the stunt goes on. Anna has been extremely patient and helpful with some of the new girls that joined our spring team. She really puts in work to achieve a great outcome. Anna always helps whenever she is needed and goes above and beyond to show that she is a great teammate.” ~ Alyssa Brown

April 24, 2017 (Week of April 17th)

Hannah Bellinger, Allied Softball, Grade 9 - Honor
“I've been so impressed with Hannah's enthusiasm and dedication to the Allied program.  She is sold out to doing her part to make Softball the best part of the day for our Allied Athletes.  She works hard to engage with her buddy as well as all of the players on the team and helps out wherever she sees a need.” ~ Anita Shaw

April 18, 2017 (Week of April 10th)

Will Behm, Baseball, Grade 10 – Honor
“Will’s attitude, flexibility, and competitive drive makes him an extremely coachable member of our team.  Will can be relied on at the plate, in the field, and in the dugout as a player that always leads by example to make people around him better.  It’s an honor to coach Will and watch him progress as an integral piece of the program.”  ~ Coach Handler

April 10, 2017 (Week of April 3rd)

Cierra Kearse, Cheerleading, Grade 10 - Perseverance
“From our 'yellow day' theme to our last game before spring break, we have been working on our pyramid nonstop. Cierra has always been motivating, encouraging, and always ready to go and do it again and again. Not even an accidental swollen lip kept her from wanting to do it constantly. With the pressures of wanting everything to be perfect for our spirit night, she pushed not only myself but the rest of the team to keep going until it was down pact. She’s a great teammate and a great friend to count on.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

April 3, 2017 (Week of March 27th)

Ben Kazanzides, Allied Softball, Grade 10 – Perseverance - WINNER
“Ben had an outstanding game in our season opener against Randallstown.  He made 4 outs at third base and his positive attitude lifted his teammates!” ~ Anita Shaw

Monica Valdez, Cheerleading, Grade 11 – Perseverance - WINNER
“Monica has shown great perseverance during practice, even though she kept on messing up her stunts, she did not give up she kept on trying. She helped the new girls learn their chairs and encouraged the girls not to give up.” ~ Kathryn Dewa

Cierra Kearse, Cheerleading, Grade 10 – Courage
“Cierra has shown hardwork and effort through every practice she continues to try stunts over and over again and encourages others girls to do the same. She has also shown great leadership skills by trying to teach dances and cheers to new and returning cheerleaders.” ~ Destiny Alicea

Monica Valdez, Cheerleading, Grade 10 – Perseverance
“Coming back for spring season, Monica was a little nervous of being a little 'rusty' but if sure didn't show through. From constantly spiriting on the track and executing any stunt she's in very well, she has shown she can push through just as much as she can improve quickly and effectively.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

The entire Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse Program – Honor
“It was absolutely fantastic to have both programs attend the school play.  It is imperative that we have team functions such as these to support the entire Dulaney community.  Go Lions!” ~ Coach Reed, Director of Athletics

March 27, 2017 (Week of March 20th)

Deasia Booker, Cheerleading, Grade 11 – Honor
“Deasia has shown really great leadership skills. She helped teach cheers to both new and returning girls and even stepped up for one of our own and called cheers. She's done what is needed of her and even goes beyond that.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Zoe Hermann, Field Hockey, Indoor Track, Lacrosse, Grade 10 – Honor - WINNER
“Zoe is an amazing leader on and off of the field.  She helps without complaint, leads by example and is truly the epitome of a team player.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Alleshia Pullen, Softball, Grade 12 – Perseverance
“Our first game was a very close one all the way to the end. Alleshia did not give up and truly believed we would win. She kept cheering everyone on by saying, "we got this. We're going to win!" ~ Sara Comaromi

Johnny Carroll, Baseball, Grade 10 – Courage - WINNER
“Johnny Carroll’s immense value to the team goes well beyond the baseball diamond.  Johnny makes sure our equipment is in check and portrays the necessary team-first mentality in everything he does.  Johnny does a tremendous job preparing our pitchers for the mound as our bullpen catcher and is an extremely admired teammate and friend.” ~ Coach Handler

March 20, 2017 (Week of March 13th)

Cooper Giesler, Track & Field, Grade 9 - Perseverance - WINNER
“Just got back from Merritt Gym on this snow day and spotted Cooper working out in the gym on his day off!  Way to go Cooper!” ~ Anita, Shaw

Heavin Robinson, Cheerleading, Grade 11 – Honor
“Heavin came into this season ready to learn and willing to do what was needed of her. She's never afraid to ask questions, and despite having cheer experience before, she listens to the criticism she receives and takes that as a way to grow even more. She's always on top of things and her positive attitude always goes a long way. She's a great addition to the team.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Owen Campbell, Men’s Lacrosse, Grade 9 – Courage
“Owen is one of our captains this year and is a huge factor to our defense. He knows the game very well and helps Coach Miller coach our less experienced defense men.” ~ Johnny McGrain

Sanaa Haamen, Cheerleading, Grade 11 – Courage
“Sanaa has stepped up to a leadership role this season, whether it is calling/showing a cheer or creating a line up for sidelines. Sanaa is very flexible and does what is needed to in order to make things happen.” ~Jasmine Hernandez

Hope Eckhart, Softball, Grade 11 – Perseverance - WINNER
“She's always encouraging the team on our worst days she's the one to say ‘Come on ladies, we got this.’” ~ Teagan Bowen 

Brian Ellis, Baseball, Grade 10 – Honor
“From Day 1, Brian has been counted on as a leader by both the coaching staff and his teammates.  Brian is an extremely reliable, intelligent, and coachable player who provides immeasurable value to the program both on and off the field.  Brian helps make sure the team is properly stretched and ready to play every day, while always putting the team’s needs ahead of his own.  Consistently the first one there and last one out, Brian is a true leader in every sense of the word.” ~ Coach Handler

March 13, 2017 (Week of March 6th)

Xavier Engleton, Track & Field, Grade 12 - Perseverance - WINNER      
“Since the start of the season Xavier has taken the time to carefully teach all of our new track athletes the basics and fundamentals of the sport. I have watched him assist his teammates in a variety of event areas and his words of encouragement never go unheard. Xavier is an integral part of this program and we are lucky to watch him develop as an athlete and a leader.”  ~ Brittany Jackson

March 6, 2017 (Week of February 27th)

Zach Swanson, Men's lacrosse, Grade 12 - Courage     
“Zach has done a great job of leading his teammates on the field as well as helping young guys out with rides, organizing volunteer opportunities, and playing some really good lacrosse.” ~ Coach Fiat

Deonna Cousins, Track and Field, Grade 10 - Perseverance    
“Deonna joined the track and field program as a manager.  Without any experience she assisted the coaching staff with first week skills testing in sub-freezing temperatures without complaint.  She was a tremendous asset for our program in Week 1 of the spring season.” ~ Coach Boyle

Dawson Porter, Lacrosse, Grade 12 - Honor
“Dawson came into tryouts with a ton of energy and excitement for the coming season. He was quick to embrace many of the underclass men trying out and worked hard in every drill. His actions as a senior leader were awesome and set a great tone for the rest of the year!” ~ Jack Hermann

James Green Track & Field, Grade 11 – Honor
“James’ humility and willingness to go above and beyond is evident at practices as I continue to see him instruct others for the betterment of the team.” ~ Coach Reed

Ty Woodard, Wrestling, Grade 11 – Courage - WINNER
“Not too many people could have accomplished the amazing feats that Ty conquered over the past weekend.  Despite all of his injuries, he never quit, never complained and never showed any doubt as he became a state finalist in the Wrestling State Championships.  Ture heart of a Lion on display!” ~ Coach Reed

February 27, 2017 (Week of February 20th)

Destiny Benjamin, Wrestling, Grade 10 - Perseverance - WINNER
“Even though Destiny's season ended a few weeks ago at the JV County tournament, she helped train her Varsity teammates by coming to practice and work out with them.  Also came to the varsity County tournament in the varsity regional tournament to cheer on her teammates.” ~ Coach Asher

Deasia Booker, Cheerleading, Grade 10 - Honor - WINNER
“Deasia is always ready and willing to step up to any job. Wherever she is needed, she goes, and doesn't complain. She's an unsung hero, and a great friend both on and off the team.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

February 20, 2017 (Week of February 13th)

Lydia Naughton, Women's Basketball, Grade 11 - Perseverance - WINNER    
“Lydia has been a leader for us both on and off the court this season. She is always willing to assist a teammate and battled on the boards in our last home game of the season. She is resilient and a fierce competitor.” ~ Coach Szymanski

Alleshia Pullen, Women's Basketball, Grade 12 – Courage
“Alleshia was very shy at the start of the season but she has really stepped up her game by going to the basket strong and going outside of her comfort zone on and off the court.” ~ Lydia Naughton

Ellie Dreschler, Field Hockey, Women’s Lacrosse, Grade 11 – Honor
“Ellie is a hardworking, committed athlete.  She is always working to get better as well as offering to help her coaches and teammates in anyway she can.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

February 13, 2017 (Week of February 6th)

Sidney Snyder, Field Hockey, Grade 9 - Perseverance   
“Sidney is committed to improving her field hockey skills in the off-season.  She works hard all the time and is getting better every day.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Sam Wilson, Allied Bowling, Grade 11 - Honor      
“Sam has improved each practice and match at the lanes.  He had his best score today at our last practice - 111.  He is also a huge encouragement to his teammates and always has a positive word for everyone as well as a smile on his face.” ~ Anita Shaw

Mikaela Romero, Women's Basketball, Grade 11 - Perseverance      
“Mikaela has emerged into a leader both on and off the floor. She does well in the classroom and is always willing to put in extra shooting work. She puts the team first each day and I'm proud of the young woman she has become this year.” ~ Coach Szymanski

Katie Freiert, Golf, Grade 10 - Perseverance          
“Katie is such a dedicated golfer. She works on her own game through lessons in and out of season to stay consistent. But she has also proven to be an incredibly dedicated leader in the short amount of time she has spent serving as one of our Co-Captains. I'm very grateful to all she has done and will do for the team!” ~ Coach Bare

Sara Comarmi, Cheerleading, Grade 11 - Honor - WINNER
“Follows through with any task.” ~ DAVID BARWICK

Ashton Brown, Soccer/Lacrosse, Grade 9 - Perseverance         
“Ashton had an incredible freshman year on the varsity soccer team and has not stopped working sense.  He continues to be committed to improving as a soccer player but has also found a drive to pursue lacrosse and as dedicated himself to making the lacrosse team.” ~ Danny Skelton

Alli Hill, Allied Bowling, Grade 11 – Honor
“Alli gives her time and energy to work with the Allied Bowling program.  She serves as an excellent role model for others.” ~ Sharon Spangenberg

Lucy Hughes, Soccer, Track, Lacrosse, Grade 10 – Perseverance
“Lucy works hard in everything she does.  She is dedicated to track and still committed to getting better in lacrosse.  She is always in the gym doing wall ball.” ~ Coach Korrow

Eddie Gary, Baseball, Grade 12 – Honor - WINNER
Eddie Gary went above and beyond for his teammate Nicky Manzoni by tracking down his stolen baseball equipment and retrieving it for him.” ~ Ryan Wolfsheimer

Lily Widner, Women's Soccer, Grade 10 – Perseverance
Lily is working to perfect her craft outside of school, and it should be recognized. She's a positive influence on the team and a very supportive teammate, giving her energy to teammates that need positive feedback. Never without a smile, Lily is one of the team's most dedicated players, and now she's working on her craft to get ready for next year! Great work Lily!” ~ Aaron Velky

Cori Levi, Wemons Basketball, Grade 10 - Honor 
She plays hard, and is a great teammate” ~ Daron Reid

February 6, 2017 (Week of January 30th)

Lydia Naughton, Basketball, Grade 11 - Honor           
“Not only is Lydia a great basketball player, but she encourages everyone at everything they do.  She congratulates others on their accomplishments no matter what sports they play.” ~ Sara Comaromi

Mya Pena, Cheerleading, Grade 9 - Perseverance   
“During our last week leading up to competition, Mya really stepped it up while stunting to make sure every one of her stunts hit. She was willing to do her single leg stunt over and over until she hit all of her positions.  Her hard work showed on the mat during counties.” ~ Sara Comaromi

Kyra Mahoney, Cheerleading, Grade 10 - Honor - WINNER
“This past week was counties, and all the practices that lead up to that day, Kyra was a nonstop positive force.  From accepting criticism, to just giving everyone around her a boost of confidence, Kyra was a great teammate and friend.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Alyssa Brown, Cheerleading, Grade 11 - Honor          
“Alyssa, was an all-around great force for the team this past week.  Even at our practice, which were held at 6:15am, she was constantly motivating us to push hard and make it right!” ~ Sanaa Haamen

January 30, 2017 (Week of January 23rd)

Faith Murphy, Cheerleading, Grade 12 - Perseverance         
“Even after spraining her thumb and falling down the stairs, Faith continues to show tremendous effort and perseverance in each and every practice. She continues to push herself every day despite being in pain and stressing about school. Faith is a great teammate and friend and she can always be counted on.” ~ Alexis Lenhart

Alexis Lenhart, Cheerleading, Grade 12 - Perseverance - WINNER
“This week Alexis has constantly been encouraging the whole team through all of the hard times even when she is struggling herself. She is always positive and pushes through even when she gets hurt at practice. She always picks me up when I'm hurt and makes sure I'm okay. She is a great captain always leading by example and supports others.” ~ Faith Murphy

HayLee Lawson, Cheerleading, Grade 11 - Courage 
“HayLee has really stepped up to the plate this season as one of our 3 backspots and has continued to improve tremendously throughout this season. She is constantly pushing herself in everything - from spiriting at games to working on our routine. She isn't afraid to put in her two cents in order to benefit the team and she is always there when you need someone to talk to.” ~ Alexis Lenhart

January 23, 2017 (Week of January 16th)

Chase Blanchard, Allied Bowling, Grade 10 - Courage
“Chase just joined our team this week and at his first ever match he bowled a strike and spare as well as scoring a 97. He cheered on all of his teammates and kept a positive attitude the whole time!” ~ Alli Hill

Mark Bonner, Indoor Track, Grade 11 - Perseverance    
“He showed great teamwork” ~ Connor Engel

Nico Yarbrough, Track & Field, Grade 12 - Perseverance - WINNER
“Breaking school record for high jump!” ~ Mark, Bonner

Max Fisher, Indoor Track, Grade 9 - Perseverance          
“Max had a great PR in the mile.” ~ Cooper Giesler

January 16, 2017 (Week of January 9th)

Jasmine Hernandez, Cheerleading, Grade 11 - Honor  
She is always asking for help whenever she needs clarification and is always up to try new things.”  ~ Sanaa Haamen

Xavier Engleton, Track and Field, Grade 12 - Courage
“A monster PR in the 55 hurdles and a great coach and mentor to the hurdle team.”  ~ Brett Sproul

Anna D'Aleo, Cheerleading, Grade 10 - Perseverance - WINNER
“Anna is always willing to try new things. She has worked extremely hard and has made tremendous improvement since she was brought up to varsity this winter season. Anna takes criticism well and uses it to her advantage by fixing what needs to be fixed whether it is in a stunt or in a dance or cheer. Anna is always in a positive mood and doesn't blame anyone when something goes wrong; she simply wants to make it right. Anna is a great person and teammate to be around.”  ~ Sara Comaromi

AJ Richardson, Men’ s Basketball, Grade 12 - Honor - WINNER      
“AJ Richardson (4 years in the Basketball Program) – AJ has always understood and embraced ‘The Process’. He simply shows up to work every day with his hard hat and lunch pail. He shows up and punches his ticket. He understands what it takes to improve every day and is extremely coachable. Nothing flashy about him, just an old school work ethic that allows him to improve.  AJ is a joy to coach!” ~ Coach Lochte

Moiz Butt, Track and Field, Grade 10 - Perseverance      
“Moiz has become one of the best throwers in the Baltimore metro. He has done it by becoming a student of his sport and a tremendous amount of self-discipline without a lot of personal recognition.”  ~ Coach Boyle

January 9, 2017 (Week of January 3rd)

Aaron Dow, Wrestling, Grade 11 - Perseverance - WINNER
“He never stops moving during his matches and he is always fired up and ready to go.” ~ Carlos Lovo

December 19, 2016 (Week of December 12th)

Reece Spann, Field Hockey, Indoor Track, Track, Grade 11 – Perseverance - WINNER
“Reece works hard year round to be a better player. Her dedication on and off of the field have earned her a spot at Princeton.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

December 12, 2016 (Week of December 5th)

Brett Sproul, Indoor Track, Grade 12 - Honor - WINNER
“Every day in practice Brett leads with incredible tenacity and excitement for the upcoming day. He is an incredible athlete who never relents in his pursuit of perfection. This season he is primed to be a state contender in the pole vault. Due to his awesome work ethic, charisma, and support, Brett exemplifies what teammate of the week is all about.” ~ Jack Hermann

Sara Comaromi, Cheerleading, Grade 11 - Honor      
“Sara is always encouraging people and giving people compliments when they do good. Also Sara is always willing to help people learn cheers or with whatever they need.” ~ Bryonna Johnson

Xavier Engleton, Indoor Track, Grade 12 - Honor           
“Xavier is a great mentor in the hurdles. He is always looking for places to give tips to the rest of us, using the knowledge he has gained from his own training. I wouldn't be where I am now without him.” ~ Jeff Bowerman

Lacey Wall, Cheerleading, Grade 12 - Honor  
“Lacey constantly pushes others to do their best and is very encouraging and helpful. She is always doing what she is supposed to without being asked, and demonstrates outstanding qualities of a leader.” ~ Alyssa Brown

HayLee Lawson, Cheerleading, Grade 11 – Perseverance
“HayLee is a calming spirit at practice and at games. You can count on her always and know whatever it is will be done right and with all her effort. Not to mention she kills it on the dance floor.” ~ Kyra Mahoney 

Anna D'aleo, Cheerleading, Grade 10 - Honor            
“Anna has progressed so fast being put on varsity and tackles anything thrown at her so well. She's a great addition to the team!” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Destiny Benjamin, Wrestling, Grade 10 - Perseverance - WINNER
“She continues to work hard and be a prime example of what hard work and dedication will give you. This past Saturday she got 4th place in a tournament and pinned her first kid.” ~ Carlos Lovo

December 5, 2016 (Week of November 28)

Sara Comaromi, Cheerleading, Grade 11 - Perseverance
“Sara is always one of the first to provide encouragement and one of the first to congratulate others on their progress. She puts others in a better mood.” ~ Anna D'Aleo

Leah Mexis, Women's Basketball, Grade 12 - Perseverance - WINNER
“Her work ethic is top notch. Leah brings energy, enthusiasm, and maximum effort every day to practice. She is an ideal teammate who pushes her teammates to be better each day.”~ Coach Szymanski

Drew Persinger, Cross country, Grade 12 - Perseverance     
“Drew ran one of the top races of his career at the NXR Southeast Invitational race in North Carolina.  Quietly, he was a critical leader on our team throughout the season and particularly on NXR weekend leading the team to an 8th place finish in a field featuring 31 State Championship teams.” ~ Chad Boyle

Brett Sproul, Track and Field, Grade 12 - Honor
“Brett continues to serve as a fantastic role model for our team.  He is an excellent leader of vaulting practice and the entire track and field program.  He continuously works hard daily to improve his performance.” ~ Chad Boyle

Mya Peña, Cheerleading, Grade 9 - Honor
“She is always willing to try something new and any criticisms given to her she takes well and comes back ready to practice until she gets it right.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Jack Tatantino, Baseball, Grade 11 - Perseverance - WINNER
“Jack is always be a great teammate by encouraging and correcting his teammates. He holds himself to a very high standard and does the same for his teammates. This past week Jack persevered to get a huge power clean in the weight room. After failing a couple times Jack refocused and determined what he needed to do to get the lift. He ended up getting the lift and won that workout.” ~ Coach Fiat

November 28, 2016 (Week of November 21st)

Mya Peña, Cheerleading, Grade 9 - Perseverance    
“She tried a new stunt, and when it failed she kept trying.” ~ Bryonna Johnson

Bryonna Johnson, Cheerleading, Grade 11 - Honor   
“Since Bryonna came on varsity, she's been TREMENDOUSLY helpful when it came to instructional videos and helping out the team with anything. She's a great team player and is willing to do anything to better the team.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Emma Klein, Field Hockey/Indoor Track/Lacrosse, Grade 12 - Perseverance     
“Emma continually works to get better at every sport she plays.  She commits herself to the program and the teammates and is never one to complain.  Her effort embodies the lead by example montra.  She is constantly pushing herself and her teammates in sprints and drills.” ~ Alli Hill

Maggie Kelly, Field Hockey, Grade 11 - Honor
“Maggie was chosen by her teammmates to be a leader of the field hockey program in the off-season.  This is well deserved honor as she is a hardworking, enthusiastic leader that wants the best for herself and her teammates.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Brittany Bell, Women's Basketball, Grade 12  - Courage       
“Brittany has brought energy and enthusiasm to our team. She has worked hard during try-outs and this work ethic carried over to our play day this weekend. She holds herself accountable and makes her teammates better each day.” ~ Coach Szymanski

Carlos Lovo, Wrestling, Grade 11 - Courage    
“He steps up at practice when we're off track he gets us right back on and is very helpful with everyone if we have trouble with a move by helping us get the technique correct.” ~ Destiny Benjamin

November 21, 2016 (Week of November 14th)

Kyra Mahoney, Cheerleading, Grade 10 - Honor
“During tryout week, Kyra stayed and helped anybody who might've needed help and never once complained about it.  She left any situation that was going on outside of cheer at the door and came ready and prepared.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Casey O'Grady, Field Hockey, Grade 11 ~ Perseverance
“Casey is a positive leader on and off of the field.  She is determined to make herself and her teammates better everyday.  Her teammates look up to her because she is such a positive energy in the program.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Faith Murphy, Cheerleading, Grade 12 - Perseverance        
“She really worked hard during tryouts to help the new girls learn material and acted as a leader.” ~ Lacey Wall

November 14, 2016 (Week of November 7th)

Ethan Samels, Cross Country, Grade 9 - Courage
“Ethan did fantastic at the cross country state meet on Saturday and helped the lions win the title, all as a freshman.” ~ Kevin Zorbach

“Ethan ran a fantastic race at Hereford to finish as the top freshmen in the state to help the team win the state championship.” ~ Coach Boyle

Drew Dailey, Cross Country, Grade 10 - Perseverance   
“Drew passed 10 runners in the last 1/4 mile at a very difficult Hereford course to propel the Men's Cross Country team to the 4A State Championship.” ~ Coach Boyle

“Drew Daley outkicked 2 Severna Park runners at the Cross Country States meet, which got Dulaney the 2 points they needed to beat out Severna Park for the state title.” ~ Nick Sheldon

Jessica Meek, Cross Country, Grade 12 – Courage & Perseverance
“Jess ran the best race of her career to finish 10th at the 4A Maryland State Championship at Hereford.” ~ Coach Boyle

“For the whole season and especially the week leading into the State Meet,  Jess has organized team bonding activities to lead a young Varsity squad to live up to last year’s successes.” ~ Emilie Bowerman

Matt Owens, Cross Country, Grade 11 – Courage, Perseverance and Honor - WINNER
“Matt ran with the leaders at the 4A State Championship and outran Severna Park's top runner to lead the men's cross country team to the state championship.” ~ Coach Boyle

“This quote in the Baltimore Sun sums up what it is to be an ultimate teammate ‘I wanted to be top 10, but I just want to stay in front of Severna Park because it’s all about the team win right now.’ by Matt Owens.  We are all so proud of you and the entire program.” ~ Coach Reed, Director of Athletics

“Leading us to state championships.” ~ Sam Merng

“Matt stepped up to help the team not only rebuild, but reload and defend our state title when the odds were against us.” ~ Billy Turner

Brian McCullough, Cross Country, Grade 11 - Courage
“Brian ran a tremendous race in his first year of cross country at the Maryland State championship to finish 11th. He outran Severna Park's number two runner to help secure valuable points in the State Championship victory.” ~ Coach Boyle

Connor Martin, Cross Country, Grade 11 - Perseverance          
“Connor finished 25th at the Maryland State Championship and passed two Severna Park runners in the final stretch to help the team win the state championship.” ~ Coach Boyle

Alli Hill, Field Hockey, Grade 12 - Courage - WINNER
“As of her sophomore year of high school, Alli had never played the sport of Field Hockey before.  She knew we needed a goalie and she committed herself to becoming one.  Not only did she learn how to be a great goalie, she became one of the top goalies in the area.  That all came from her hard work and dedication to the game and her teammates.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Brenden  Obrien, Cross Country, Grade 11 - Honor         
“He's never down he's always giving of a positive vibe it makes u relax. He really embodies the word teammate.” ~ Brian McCullough

November 7, 2016 (Week of October 31st) 

Emma Klein, Field Hockey, Grade 12 - Perseverance

“Emma is our leading scorer and finds the net when it matters!  She is also a great captain and teammate.  She has a work ethic of a champion!” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Alyssa Brown, Cheerleading, Grade 11 - Honor
“Alyssa is always wanting to participate in any given opportunity especially when it deals with helping out or volunteering. She's willing to give advice and tries to put more honest step forward when it comes to making the team better as a whole.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Monica Valdez, Cheerleading, Grade 10 - Honor
“Monica's spirit on the sidelines is TOTALLY RIGHTEOUS!” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Lacey Wall, Cheerleading, Grade 12 – Perseverance
“Lacey was sick for the past week, but she came back ready to fire it up! She knows exactly what needs to happen in order to make side line cheering look it best, whether or not that means giving her own self a break from relaxing her own voice and having someone step in to take her place! She's such a great leader and a great captain!” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Hope Eckhart, Cheerleading, Grade 11 - Honor - WINNER
“In our last few games, Hope has really stepped into a leadership position. She has been given the opportunity to call cheers previewing her assumed role as Captain next year. Hope has continued to smile and kill it during practice and on the track. She has definitely been one of the many amazing role models for me during my first season on Varsity.” ~ Kyra Mahoney

Kristen Mitchell, Women's Soccer, Grade 11 – Perseverance
“Kristen is a true team player, working hard in sessions and sure she's an active socialite afterward. She's invested a lot in the team and despite not seeing the field often, she continues to better her teammates at practice and supports them fervently in game.” ~ Coach Aaron Velky

Lydia Naughton, Field Hockey, Grade 11 - Perseverance      
“Lydia continues to demonstrate her worth and love for the game day in and day out. She was a key player for our defense in the Regional Final game and her animated demeanor is contagious! She constantly uplifts all who are around her and the field hockey team is better because of her.” ~ Coach Brittany Jackson

Sophie Sun, Volleyball, Grade 12 – Perseverance
“Senior captain who is a top 10 percent leader.  She has never stopped doing whatever we as coaches asked.” ~ Coach Lyon

Kyra Mahoney, Cheerleading, Grade 10 – Perseverance      

“Kyra has been a great teammate and cheerleader the entire season! She always comes to practice with a smile on her face and ready to work hard. She is not afraid to keep trying and give it her all no matter what we are doing. On the track, she is very spirited and brings so much enthusiasm to the game! Keep up the good work!!” ~ Alex Pentikis

Nancy Slaughter, Volleyball, Grade 10 - Honor         
“Nancy always encourages her teammates and has a positive attitude. She works hard to help her team be successful.” ~ Coach Denali Sturgeon

October 31, 2016 (Week of October 24th)

Nolan Matsko, Football, Grade 11 - Honor  
“Nolan plays unselfishly, and his selfless nature shines on and off the field. His effort and dedication are constant no matter the circumstances.” ~ Coach Reid

Claire Podles, Field Hockey, Grade 12 - Perseverance - WINNER
“Claire has been a 4 year varsity player and has been a big contributor to the program for each of those years.  She has worked hard to develop stick skills that are hard to defend.  She has become a solid leader on and off the field.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Kyra Mahoney, Cheerleading, Grade 10 - Honor 
“I consider Kyra as the underdog of the team. She's always ready to go and 98.9% of the time she's OVERprepared. She learns so quickly and take criticism so well.  Always ready to learn something new and get right on the ball. She makes the team better. On top of that she's a really good friend not just on the team but outside of it. She makes you feel like she's always there and she takes you in as one of her own. She just inspires me to be a better person!” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Alexis Lenheart, Cheerleading, Grade 12 - Honor
“Alexis is always so energetic no matter what. She brightens up the day with her positivity and strong leadership.” ~ Mackenzie Barnes

Alexandra Pentikis, Cheerleading, Grade 11 – Perseverance 
“Alexandra always works hard during every practice. She is positive all of the time and always has a smile on her face. She is probably the only person who is completely drama free and will never complain. She will just accept everything as it is; if anything bad happens, she moves on. If her stunt falls, she is willing to go back up and try even harder to make it hit. She has improved tremendously since the beginning of the season.” ~ Sara Comaromi

Dan Krugman, Men’s Soccer, Grade 12 – Honor - WINNER
“Dan Krugman epitomizes the definition of the student-athlete.  He is the constant teammate on and off the field for the men’s soccer program.  His leadership and dedication will be missed after his senior season.” ~ Coach Reed, Director of Athletics 

October 24, 2016 (Week of October 17th)

Mackenzie Barnes, Cheerleading, Grade 12 – Perseverance & Honor - WINNER
“She always pushes herself and others to keep working hard at practice. At games she is always spiriting and smiling the whole time.” ~ Hope Eckhart

“Mack is always so positive when coming to practice! She's always ready to take on what's coming next and when given instructions she exceeds expectations. She's very supportive and is always there when anyone needs clarification or reviewing material. A great leader and friend, she lives up to her role as captain.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

“Mackenzie is a great leader on the cheer squad. Her ubiquitous encouragement is felt by the entire team every day. She realizes when the team needs a little boost to keep them going and never fails to speak up. Mackenzie's voice is always heard during practices and games, and she motivates me, being injured, to want to be back on the mat and field with the rest of the team.” ~ Sara Comaromi

Audrey Dickens, Field Hockey, Grade 9 - Perseverance
“Audrey consistently demonstrates her ability to be a flexible and adaptable athlete on the field. She is a utility player in every sense of the word and rises to her teammates and coaches expectations in every practice and game. I can not wait to watch her continue to grow as both a player and a leader.” ~ Brittany Jackson

Mae Dickens, Field Hockey, Grade 10 – Honor
“Mae brings so much positive energy to the field hockey program.  Mae is the type of player and person that brings sunshine to those around her.  Her positive attitude and work ethic make her an incredible asset to the program.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Brian Andrew Ellis, Cross Country, Grade 10 – Perseverance - WINNER
“Brian set a personal record by over 2 minute and has been working hard all season long. This race just showed the effort he has put in to become the best runner possible.” ~ Connor Stewart

October 17, 2016 (Week of October 10th)

Chase Douglass,  Allied Soccer, Grade 11 - Courage - WINNER
“Chase is an amazing teammate to everyone involved. He is constantly high-fiving his teammates and even his opponents! Before and after games.   Not only is he awesome at scoring goals for our team, but he is great at passing the ball to other teammates, giving everyone a chance to score.” ~ Claire Mercer

Grace Jung, Field Hockey, Grade 11 –  Perseverance - WINNER
“Grace has become such a strong part of our defense.  She is a smart, patient player that has come up big for us in so many crucial situations in the circle.  Grace is an amazing athlete who works hard all the time and wants to learn and improve all the time.” ~ Kellie Fialcowitz

Alexis Lenhart, Cheerleading, Grade 12 – Perseverance
“She always shows up with a good attitude and no matter how practice is going she wants to keep trying till we get it right. She  shows up no matter how life outside of practice is or if she's sick and if she's not feeling well she trying even harder, always giving 110%. When something happens at practice and she gets hit she never makes a big deal of it and just puts on a smile asking if we can try again and again.” ~ Faith Murphy

Brian Hoskins, Men’s Soccer, Grade 9 – Courage
“Brian’s courage, during a difficult situation, is highly appreciated!  I am extremely proud of his character and honesty.” ~ Coach Reed, Director of Athletics 

October 10, 2016 (Week of October 3rd)

Sidney Snyder, Field Hockey, Grade 9 – Honor
“Sidney consistently demonstrates great initiative and leadership both on and off the field.  She encourages all of her teammates to compete to their potential and always maintains her contagious positive attitude. She is a reliable teammate and we can always count on her to lead by example. Sidney inspires each of her teammates to play with honor and poise. She is our definition of being "fearless!" ~ Coach Jackson

Erin Hill, Field Hockey, Grade 11 – Perseverance
“Erin Hill has been working hard since this season started and she continues to get better every day.  She has an incredible work ethic and is an inspiration to her coaches and teammates.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Becca Puente, Field Hockey, Grade 9 – Honor
“Despite being new to the field hockey program, Becca embodies what the program is all about. She works hard day in and day out, on and off the field. She leads her teammates and truly understands what teamwork looks like.” ~ Kiley Bolonda

Casey O’Grady, Field Hockey, Grade 11 – Honor
“Casey has an incredible drive and never gives less than 100% in practices and games.  She does a great job encouraging teammates and always makes sure everyone is pumped up before games!  In our most recent game against Franklin she had a hat trick which reflected all of her hard work during practice on a daily basis.” ~ Emma Klein

Jed Valerie Penaso, Badminton, Grade 12 – Honor
“Jed works hard every day to improve herself and her skills. In that process, she is always there to answer questions, support others, and give tips on how to play better.” ~ Jen Bai

Monica Valdez, Cheerleading, Grade 10 – Honor & Perseverance
“Monica, from the very beginning, has worked so hard and learned very quickly on it being her first time on a varsity team! From stunts to spirit on the sidelines; she proves she was already destined to be as great as she is!” ~ Sanaa Haamen

“Monica always steps up and does the right thing without being asked. She shows perseverance and never gives up. She does a great job in leading and motivating the team to work hard at every practice.” ~ Alyssa Brown

Sophie Sun, Volleyball, Grade 12 – Perseverance
“Captain on and off court great leader. Led team in assists and serving aces.” ~ Coach Lyon

Wilson Gao, Badminton, Grade 9 – Honor
“Wilson Gao is a very skillful player who helps out his teammates during our badminton matches. Our first doubles team lost to the Pikesville first doubles team in the first game 15-5. Wilson Gao stepped up and gave them advice. The next game they still lost but did significantly better 15-11. Overall Wilson Gao is a strong teammate who helps wherever he can.” ~ Anonymous

Dylan McCabe, Cross Country, Grade 9 – Courage
“Dylan passed several runners in the last mile of the extremely muddy 3.1 mile course in Virginia at the Glory Days Invitational to lead Dulaney to a powerful victory at the Glory Days Invitational in the Freshmen division.” ~ Coach Boyle

Rachel Krug, Cross Country, Grade 10 – Perseverance - WINNER
“Rachel finished 2nd in a field of over 400 athletes at the Glory Days Grill Invitational.  She reached this achievement after recovering from severe blisters that led her to take a week off from training.” ~ Coach Boyle

Brooke Ruffin, Cross Country, Grade 10 – Perseverance
“Brooke had the best race of her cross country career at the Glory Days Invitational.  She nearly ran her fastest time of the year despite the fact that the course was "running" slow due to the horrible conditions caused by the persistent rain throughout the race.  She is becoming one of the top runners in Maryland.” ~ Coach Boyle

Matt Owens, Cross Country, Grade 11 - Courage - WINNER
“Matt Owens has whole-heartedly stepped up to his role as captain this year. This past weekend he finished 9th at the Glory Days Invitational, leading the team to a first place finish. The course was in tough condition and Matt showed courage and aggression in the way he raced.” ~ Dorrie Gaeng

“Matt ran the best race of his career to lead the cross country team to a monumental victory at the Glory Days Grill Invitational in Virginia.  He has taken what he learned from his mentors and is applying it brilliantly and in the process led his team back to the top of the rankings in the Southeast Region.” ~ Coach Boyle

Daniel Olsson, Wrestling, Grade 10 – Perseverance
“Daniel has something I believe a lot of us on the team need, and that is heart. Daniel’s record right now going into the off-season isn't the best, but he goes into every match ready and positive. Even after a match when he loses. He leaves with a smile on his face and a positive thing he did in the match. Not many people can think like that after a match. Seeing him be able to do that makes me want to work on myself not only as a wrestler, but as a person too.” ~ Carlos Lovo

Mae Dickens, Field Hockey, Grade 10 – Perseverance
“Mae never backs down from a challenge. No matter how far away the ball is, no matter how big her opponent is, and no matter how tired she is she always gives 100% to get to every ball. Being an underclassman on varsity is difficult, but she pushes everyone to work harder and to keep going every day. She truly embodies our team motto of fearless. Even when she is put in a position she isn't familiar with, she doesn't complain but works hard to be her best possible self!” ~ Alli Hill

Lucy Hughes, Women’s Soccer, Grade 10 - Honor
“Lucy demonstrates the best qualities of a strong leader. She's always supporting her teammates, on or off the field, and she's always willing to lend a hand to teammates during practice sessions. Lucy is a favorite among her teammates for her enthusiasm, her inquisitive nature, and her attitude in games. You'll always hear her on the sideline cheering on teammates, and when she's in action, she's the girl on the field that brings energy to everyone around her! ~ Coach Velky

October 4, 2016 (Week of September 26th)

Zoe Hermann, Field Hockey, Grade 10 – Perseverance
“Zoe doesn't let anything discourage her. She works towards her goals no matter what may stand in the way and this week she reached her goal. Despite reaching this goal she continues to work harder and be better.” ~ Jack Hermann

Kiley Bolonda, Field Hockey, Grade 12 – Honor* WINNER
“Kiley is a constant source of leadership and positivity on the team. She works incredibly hard and motivates the team to do the same!” ~ Jack Hermann

Sean Herrin, Allied Soccer, Grade 12 – Honor
“Sean Herrin is the ultimate teammate!  He embodies the term Unsung Hero at every practice when he selflessly serves the kids with disabilities on the team.  He is serving 2 roles this season: Peer Assistant and Player.  In these roles, he models what it looks like to be a servant leader as he befriends these kids, does whatever it takes to make soccer the best part of their day, and works hard on the field to control the ball and get it to our players so that they can experience the game more fully.” ~ Coach Shaw

Jack Hermann, Men’s Golf, Grade 12 – Honor* WINNER
“Jack is probably the most positive person I know. He is always encouraging other teammates and never has a bad thing to say. He is always very happy and greets teammates with joy at practice! Jack is always a joy to be around and lights up the room.” ~ Kiley Bolonda

September 23, 2016 (Week of September 19th)

Sophie Sun, Volleyball, Grade 12 – Perseverance
“As captain she ran our offense from the setter position as we beat Perry Hall 3-1.  She also led the team in defensive digs. With 5 sophomores playing Sophie put them on her back and encouraged them so well that the team jelled like a veteran varsity of seniors.” ~ Coach Lyon

Zak Audia, Cross Country, Grade 9 – Courage
“Zak just recently joined the cross country team on September 1st.  Just a few weeks ago he began his first days of training.  At Barnhart, he was the 4th fastest freshmen in the field of 700 runners despite having very little experience.  Despite his lack of experience, he courageously ran an aggressive race to finish 21st in the Open Division.  Zak was the only underclassmen in the Top 40 finishers in the Open race.” ~ Coach Boyle

Destiny Clinton, Cross Country, Grade 11 – Perseverance
“Destiny started her first Varsity season of cross country by finishing 2nd in the County Relays Open Race on September 3rd and running a career best 21:10 5K to finish 3rd at the Barnhart Invitational race.  Her aggressive tactics showed a tremendous amount of confidence and bodes well for a strong junior season.” ~ Coach Boyle

Carly Baker, Field Hockey, Grade 11 – Courage* WINNER
“Carly is a constant source of encouragement and enthusiasm for her teammates.  She comes to practice every day with a smile on her face, works hard from start to finish and never complains.  The team is luck to have her.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Lacey Wall, Cheerleading, Grade 12 – Perseverance
“Lacey is motivated and is a good leader.” ~ Coach Bettencourt

Sanaa Haamen, Cheerleading, Grade 11 – Honor
“Sanaa is always optimistic at practice and her spirit on the field is electrifying!” ~ Coach Bettencourt

Kayla Garrison, Cheerleading, Grade 10 – Honor
“She really stepped up this year as a sophomore on varsity and is always willing to try new things. Her tumbling continues to improve and she motivates me to work hard.” ~ Coach Bettencourt

Luke Sturiale, Football, Grade 12 – Honor
“Luke is very unselfish and continues to put them teams interest ahead of his own. Great teammate and leader.” ~ Coach Daron Reid

Carlos Lovo, Wrestling, Grade 11 - Leadership* WINNER
“Even though we are in the pre-season, Carlos has displayed tremendous leadership already.  He is working with new athletes at our wrestling clinics and helping them to learn new moves.  He is also helping to recruit new wrestlers to the team as well as rounding up support from the team for our fundraising activities.” ~ Coach Asher


December 14, 2015 (Week of December 7-13)

Eddie Dinardo, Wrestling, Grade 11

“He went 5-2 even after being illegally slammed and was injured and then thrown in the bleachers during a wrestling tournament.” ~ Noah Squire-Rogers

Joey O’Dwyer, Men’s Basketball, Grade 12

“Joey is always doing the extra thing for someone else, always putting himself last. Whether it be from giving someone a ride to having more assists than points and being fine with it.” ~ Javon Smith

Lacey Wall, Cheerleading, Grade 11

Because she's always ready to work hard and has great ideas.” ~ Alexia

Patrick Fitzgerald, Men’s Basketball, Grade 10

Always pushes himself and is so good at juggling AP and GT classes along with extracurriculars like basketball.” ~ Anonymous

Leah Mexis, Women’s Basketball, Grade 11

“She has great sportsmanship, is always positive, and a great competitor.” ~ Johnny Carroll

Jada Nash, Indoor Track, Grade 9

“Jada bravely ran in the 800 meter relay at Saturday's meet after being told only a day before. She did not complain and did so well for her first time!” ~ Emma O’Grady

​December 21, 2015 (Week of December 14-20)

Taisha Adams, Cheerleading, Grade 12

She is always wanting to try again to make the skill perfect and she is also really supportive and is there to talk anytime.” ~ Lacey Wall

Casey O’Grady, Indoor Track, Grade 10

“Casey ran a personal best in the 800 at the meet last Saturday.” ~ Emma O’Grady

Faith Murphy, Cheerleading, Grade 11

Because although a lot of changes happened this week she was still focused and worked hard.” ~ Anonymous

Alexia Astori, Cheerleading, Grade 12

“She has been thinking of ideas for stunts in our routine all week and was encouraging everyone constantly!” ~ Faith Murphy

“Hard worker and always stays positive.” ~ Mackenzie Barnes

Cristina Lopez, Indoor Track, Grade 12

“Always works hard and her great work ethic pushes other people to work harder, step out of their comfort zone, and be the best they can be.” ~ Emma Klein

Gabe Madro, Indoor Track, Grade 12

“Gabe is always encouraging us to do better and he brings a very positive attitude towards the team. He is always looking to PR and always looking to help or encourage others to PR too.” ~ Brenden Mueller

Lydia Naughton, Women’s Basketball, Grade 10

“Her ability to always get back up and help the team get to where we want to be no matter how hard she has to work.” ~ Anonymous

Jada Nash, Indoor Track, Grade 9

“She is always so enthusiastic, positive, supportive, and fun to be around! She brightens everyone's day. I played field hockey with her in the fall.” ~ Kirsten Roys

Alexis Lenhart, Cheerleading, Grade 11

“She is a hard worker and has continued to push herself to do better at each practice. It's amazing to see how much she has grown in her past 3 years of cheering. She has improved greatly and loves to give others help when they need it.” ~ Taisha Adams

January 5, 2016 (Week of December 21-January 3)

Ben Anthony, Indoor Track, Grade 10

“He is very supportive.” ~ Brandon Clark

Cristina Lopez, Indoor Track, Grade 12

Christina is an extremely hard worker and so kind and supportive to all her teammates, especially the underclass men. She is a great model for all athletes and always gives 110% at everything she does.” ~ Zoe Hermann

Megan Proefrock, Field Hockey, Grade 11

“Such a loyal teammate.” ~ Erin Hill

Y’Mani Brown, Cheerleading, Grade 12

“She is a hard worker and motivates others to be better. She always has a positive attitude and will always be willing to help.” ~ Hope Eckhart

Alex Wood, Men’s Lacrosse, Grade 12

“No matter how mean it may be, Alex always tells the truth and with it comes a way to fix it if there's a mistake.” ~ Javon Smith

Mackenzie Barnes, Cheerleading, Grade 11

“Mackenzie always came into practice with a positive attitude no matter what kind of day she is having. Always willing to give feedback when a stunt doesn't hit, or give that extra boost of confidence before we attempt a hard stunt. Thank you for all you do/did for the team.” ~ Y’Mani Brown

January 12, 2016 (Week of January 4)

 Jasmine Hernandez, Cheerleading, Grade 10

She is very determined and she takes criticism well.” ~ Sanaa Haamen

Sanaa Haamen, Cheerleading, Grade 10

“Sanaa is very supportive of her team and school.” ~ Jasmine Hernandez

Mackenzie Barnes, Cheerleading, Grade 11

Mackenzie always came into practice with a positive attitude no matter what kind of day she is having. Always willing to give feedback when a stunt doesn't hit,or give that extra boost of confidence before we attempt a hard stunt. Thank you for all you do/did for the team.” ~ Y’Mani Brown

Javon Smith, Men’s Basketball, Grade 12

“Javon always gives 110% in practice or in games! Doesn’t matter what the score is... Always in a good mood! Brings his teammates up!” ~ Joey O’Dwyer

Alexia Astori, Cheerleading, Grade 12

Alexia is always encouraging everyone on the team to do the best that they possibly can. These past few weeks she has stepped up to be a leader when we needed her. She is always enthusiastic and ready to come to practice to work hard.” ~ Alyssa Brown

Kayla Garrison, Cheerleading, Grade 9
Kayla always comes to practice ready to give 110% even when she doesn't feel her best. Amazing friend and teammate.” ~ Haylee Lawson

"She has really stepped up as a varsity cheerleader and is willing to do anything coach asks of her.” ~ Lacey Wall

Andrew King, Indoor Track, Grade 12
Andrew is one of the most dedicated people I know. He trains so hard day in and day out and is running some great times, and is only getting better. He is hilarious and a great addition to our team, and I think just having him around makes everyone better and able to withstand some of the minor discomforts of indoor track. Thanks for making it bearable.” ~ Eric Walz

“Absolutely killed his race at the very competitive Montgomery County Invite on Saturday. He ran a huge personal best in the mile and won the fast heat.” ~ Sean Smyth

Taisha Adams, Cheerleading, Grade 12

She is a great teammate and is fully dedicated to her team. She is a strong leader and an even better friend. She's is very motivational no matter the circumstances. She always gives 110%, and pushes everyone to do their best.” ~ Mackenzie Barnes

January 18, 2016 (Week of January 11-17)

Asher Kahn, Wrestling, Grade 10

Very nice, helpful and kind guy." ~ Hunter 

Maddie Cohee, Indoor Track, Grade 12

"Maddie always brings a positive attitude and cheers everyone else on each and every day. She motivates and pushes you to be your best day in and day out." ~ Alli Hill

February 8, 2016 (Weeks of January 18-February 7*)
*Winter Storms

Pat Fitzgerald, Men’s Basketball, Grade 10

“Pat always does great things but never gets recognized for it, and he doesn't care. No matter what he always does what's right, he doesn't do it for the recognition.” ~ Javon Smith

February 15, 2016 (Week of February 7)

Casey O’Grady, Women’s Lacrosse, Grade 10

Casey wasted no time after her indoor track season to stay in shape for lacrosse. She joined morning BFS right after her season ended and has been killing it every day since!” ~ Anonymous

Mackenzie Crotty, Women’s Lacrosse, Grade 12

“Mac is at wall ball every time developing her skills and making herself better in this offseason. Her dedication is admirable and I'm excited to see what she'll do this season!” ~ Anonymous 

February 22, 2016 (Week of February 14)

Kaitlyn Dabkowski, BFS, Grade 11

Dabs never quits. She always pushes herself and that makes the people around her push themselves. She always gives 110% and she makes our teams better because of it.” ~ Anonymous

Nicky Manzoni, BFS, Grade 11

“He always pushes himself and the people around him to work harder during workouts even when everyone is tired, he keeps pushing through and encourages others to push through the pain.” ~ Anonymous

Charlotte Lipstein, Women’s Lacrosse, Grade 10

“Charlotte works as hard as she can in BFS and on her own to make sure she will be ready for tryouts!!!” ~ Anonymous

Maggie Kelly, Women’s Lacrosse, Grade 10

“Maggie has been working hard in the off season to improve her skills and I'm excited to see her growth from last season to now.” ~ Anonymous

Molly Turlington, Indoor Track, Grade 12

“Molly has been killing all of our workouts and motivating me to keep up with her on all my runs. She qualified for the state meet for the first time individually and brings a lot of passion to our team.” ~ Kristin Meek

Maddie Cohee, Indoor Track, Grade 12

“She always works hard and is willing to help anyone. She always comes to practice with a smile and she's very involved in Dulaney athletics as a whole.” ~ Grace Jung

Nicole Sharpe, Women’s Basketball, Grade 12

“Outstanding Captain and teammate on and off the court.” ~ Mikaela 

February 29, 2016 (Week of February 21)

Emma Klein, Women’s Lacrosse, Grade 11 - Honor
“Emma is always working hard whether she's in season or out of season. She pushes everyone around her and encourages people to work harder.” ~ Alli Hill

Phillip Bramucci, Wrestling, Grade 9 – Perseverance
“As a freshman, Phillip earned a spot in the State Wrestling Tournament with his 4th place finish in the Regional Tournament. Phillip's perseverance and grit has been astonishing this season. Good Luck in the State Championships!” ~ Coach Reed

Olivia Finckel, Volleyball, Grade 12 – Perseverance
“Attends most games of many teams. Contacts volleyball teammates to attend and support other sports. When asked to get her mates (she's captain of the volleyball team) to the girls and boys last home games she did it immediately and with vigor.” ~ Coach Lyon

March 8, 2016 (Week of February 29)

Carlos Lovo, Wrestling, Grade 10 – Honor

“Even though Carlos' season ended last week at the regional championships, he practiced all week with Phillip Bramucci, who was preparing for the State Championships this weekend. Carlos is an excellent example of a great teammate!” ~ Coach Asher

Charlotte Lipstein, Women’s Lacrosse, Grade 10 – Perseverance

“Charlotte's growth as a player from last season to this season is impeccable. I'm really impressed with all of the work she put into the off season this year and I can't wait to see her dominate on the field this season!” ~ Emma O’Grady

Emma O’Grady, Women’s Lacrosse / Indoor Track / Field Hockey, Grade 12 – Courage

“I am so proud of Emma and her efforts to speak up about the neglect and poor conditions at Dulaney High School during the BCPS community meeting.  She was extremely eloquent and demonstrated great poise and leadership.” ~ Coach Reed

Allii Hill, Tennis / Field Hockey, Grade 11 – Courage

“Another example of great Student-Athlete leadership, Alli spoke up at the BCPS community meeting discussing her valid points of improving the conditions in the gym and auxiliary areas.  She also took time to meet with me to discuss poor sportsmanship occurring at a recent game and how it effects BCPS as a whole. Her points on both matters make me proud to see our leadership board thriving for excellence.” ~ Coach Reed

Javon Smith, Football / Men’s Basketball / Men’s Lacrosse, Grade 12 – Courage

“Javon was very poignant about his opinions to better survey the entire student body to represent their views for the needs of Dulaney.  His direct questioning to Mr. Kevin Smith, BCPS, was another example of courage.” ~ Coach Reed

Emma Klein, Women’s Lacrosse / Indoor Track / Field Hockey, Grade 11 – Courage

“Last week Emma met with me to discuss the poor sportsmanship that she witnessed at the last basketball game involving our opponent.  She was very brave to discuss her opinions on the matter. Her ability to give examples of the differences in class and respect were outstanding.  Emma values our entire school and is extremely proud of all our programs and how we conduct ourselves on and off the field.” ~ Coach Reed  

March 15, 2016 (Week of March 7 )

Aidan Dougherty, Men’s Lacrosse, Grade 10 – Perseverance
Aidan always gives 100% effort but the thing that's special about him is that he is always doing whatever he can to be better, constantly asking me ways to get better.” ~ Javon Smith

Kristen Mitchell, Women’s Lacrosse, Grade 10 – Honor

“She works really hard, keeps the team pumped and on task!! Way to go Kris, keep up the great work!” ~ Anonymous

Emma O’Grady, Women’s Lacrosse, Grade 12 – Perseverance
“EOG is always giving her all and she is awesome as a defender and I'm very happy she's on the team.” ~ Anonymous

Lacey Wall, Cheerleading, Grade 11 – Perseverance 
“Lacey was working very hard at practice and is really supportive. She even came in early to learn the dance and keeps trying.” ~ Alexandra Pentikis

Alyssa Brown, Cheerleading, Grade 10 – Perseverance

“She has been working really hard lately and helps other teammates! She's always willing to help others during practice or before.” ~ Alexia 

March 22, 2016 (Week of March 14 )

Kiley Bolonda, Field Hockey, Grade 11 – Courage

I'm so proud of Kiley for having the courage to fight what she feels is right for her school. She is a fearless leader on and off the field.” ~ Coach Fialcowitz

Anna Griffith, Women’s Lacrosse, Grade 10 – Perseverance

“Anna is always giving her best effort in everything whether it's in a game or a drill during practice. She'll be a great source of leadership for this season and seasons to come!” ~ Emma O’Grady

Charlote Lipstein, Women’s Lacrosse, Grade 10 – Courage

“Charlotte owns up to her mistakes and works very hard to correct them. Her honesty and dedication is certainly admirable."
 ~ Anonymous

Vesi Mineva, Men’s Basketball Manager, Grade 12 – Honor

“So important to our Program. Always on time and always willing to rearrange her work schedule to make all practices and games. Always has a great winning attitude and has a 4.0 GPA!!!” ~ Coach Lochte

Cameron Shipley, Men’s Basketball Manager, Grade 12 – Honor

“An absolute pro when it comes to filming our games and practices. Willing to travel and film all away games as well. At the end of the basketball season was even able to balance Lacrosse and Hoops and still doing an outstanding job!” ~ Coach Lochte

Elena Forakis, Men’s Basketball Manager, Grade 11 – Honor

“Attends almost all practices and games and does an outstanding job on the book, clock, or scoreboard. Willing to help out anyway she can. Even helped out with the concession stand when we were short help Friday at the County / City All-Star Game!” ~ Coach Lochte

Kati Illiva, Men’s Basketball Manager, Grade 11 – Honor

“Makes me laugh and smile! Such a hard worker and an outstanding manage. Willing to help out where ever help is needed. Great winning attitude! Also helped Friday when the Program was short help with concessions at the County / City All-Star Game.” ~ Coach Lochte

Grace Grogan, Men’s Basketball Manager, Grade 10 – Honor

“Unbelievable first year manager – Absolutely awesome! Grace attended every single practice and game. Always had a great attitude and was willing to help anyway needed – She too helped out with the All-Star game last Friday.” ~ Coach Lochte

Madisen Elliott, Men’s Basketball Manager, Grade 10 – Honor

“Great job all year long. Madisen just did a wonderful job whenever needed and had a great attitude!” ~ Coach Lochte

April 4, 2016 (Week of March 28 )

Carlos Lovo, Wrestling, Grade 10 – Perseverance

Carlos has not missed a beat as he transitioned into off-season wrestling workouts as soon as his season ended in late February. He has not missed a practice and has encouraged other teammates to attend and helps them with new moves when they need assistance. Carlos is a great leader for the team and is a wonderful example of the hard work that is needed in the off-season to get to the next level.” ~ Coach Asher

Joey Wenzl, Men’s Lacrosse, Grade 11 – Courage

“He picks me up when I'm down and he thanks everyone for coming to his games to support him whether he wins or loses.” ~ Tyler

Annie Sachs, Women’s Lacrosse, Grade 12 – Perseverance

“Annie has been absolutely killing it!  She has a presence everywhere she steps on the field whether it's getting a draw control at center, forcing turnovers on Defense, or burying the ball in the net on attack. With Manchester Valley coming up on Tuesday I'm confident she'll step up to the challenge and bring a lot of contributions!” ~ Anonymous

April 11, 2016 (Week of April 4)

Kiley Bolonda, Field Hockey, Grade 11 - Courage

"Thank you Kiley for voicing everyone's sentiment and fighting for a new Dulaney with new safe fields to practice and play on!" ~ Anonymous 

April 18, 2016 (Week of April 11)

Eric Walz, Men's Track & Field, Grade 12 - Honor

"Eric continues to amaze me beyond his record setting performances.  His humility and kind nature is that of a true champion." ~ Coach Reed

April 25, 2016 (Week of April 18) 

Robby Foster, Men's Lacrosse, Grade 12 - Perseverance

"He never gives up." ~ Anonymous 

May 2, 2016 (Week of April 25)

Joel Lee, Tennis, Grade 11 - Perseverance

Joel is always ready to fill in if someone cannot make it to a match and pushes everyone around him to be better. He brings a positive attitude to practice each and every day!” ~ Alli Hill

Madison Hine, Women’s Lacrosse, Grade 11 – Perseverance

“Madison never fails to make all of us laugh whether it's at practice, before a game or at a team dinner. Along with her positivity energy, Madison also brings a ton of grit to the team. She never complains, even when she has to take some of the hardest shots on goal! She's made huge strides to improve these last few seasons and I can't wait to see the incredible things she will do going into the post season play!” ~ Emma O’Grady

Lily Widner, Women’s Lacrosse, Grade 10 – Perseverance

“Lily constantly pushes herself to get better and does a great job listening to corrections and improving. She always challenges the rest of us to work harder in practice and it makes us all better players!” ~ Emma Klein

Maddie Prkna, Women’s Lacrosse, Grad 12 – Perseverance

“Maddie is one of the most encouraging people I know. She is always picking her teammates up and telling them that they can do it. She has an amazing work ethic and tenacity, and she's a serious asset on the team this season.” ~ Anonymous 

May 9, 2016 (Week of May 2)

Carlos Lovo, Wrestling, Grade 10 – Perseverance

“Carlos continues to lead others by his example of working hard at practices and tournaments in the off-season. His work is paying off as he just won double-gold medals in the Greco Roman and Freestyle tournaments at Catoctin High School on Saturday! He is preparing for the Greco/Freestyle State Tournament on May 15th. Good luck!” ~ Coach Asher

Brett Burke, Wrestling, Grade 9 – Perseverance

“Brett has been working very hard in the off-season to get better for next year. He practices a few times a week at two different wrestling clubs and he has entered several tournaments to challenge himself against competition around the state. Great job Brett! Keep working hard!” ~ Coach Asher