Dulaney falls to Franklin

The match started with the Lions getting a forfeit at 106 pounds.

At 113, Luis Ruano started the match off with two first period takedowns but was unfortunately reversed to his back for the pin.  The team score was tied at 6-6.

At 120, Evan Cantemiry received a forfeit to bring the score to 12-6.

At 126, Philip Bramucci got the first takedown and 3 backpoints, but was reversed to end the first period with a 5-2 lead.  In the 2nd period, the Franklin wrestler got a takedown and two sets of backpoints to lead the match 9-5.  An escape in the 3rd period by the Franklin wrestler made the final score 10-5.  The team score was 12-9 in favor of the Lions.

At 132, Destiny Benjamin hit a beautiful Fireman's Carry and brought her Franklin opponent directly to his back and was able to pin him in 50 seconds to extend the Lion lead to 18-9.

At 138, Ephrem Fitzsimmons gave up the first takedown, but was able to get a reversal.  The Franklin wrestler was able to escape and get another takedown to lead the match 5-2 at the end of the 1st period.  Ephrem was able to escape and get his own takedown.  The back and forth battle continued in the 3rd period, but the Franklin wrestler was able to squeeze out an 11-8 win to bring the team score to 18-12.

At 145, James Fitzsimmons got taken down, but was able to reverse his opponent.  In the 2nd period, the Franklin wrestler chose bottom and was able to reverse James to his back for the pin.  The Lions led 18-15.

At 152, Brett Burke got taken down twice in the 1st period, but was able to escape both times and trailed 4-2.  The Franklin wrestler escaped in the 2nd period, but Brett was able to take him down again.  Brett escaped in the 3rd period but was taken down and lost the match 8-5.  The team score was now 21-18 in favor of Franklin.

At 160, Sam Bloch got the first takedown in the first 10 seconds and was able to turn his opponent and pin him in a side headlock in 1:05.  The Lions were back in the lead 24-21.

At 170, Zavion Woodard started the match quickly with a double leg takedown.  He got reversed, immediately escaped and then took his opponent down again.  The Franklin wrestler escaped, but Zavion was able to take him down again with another double leg.  Zavion chose bottom to start the 2nd period and almost escaped, but was thrown to his back and pinned.  The team score was now 27-24 in favor of Franklin. 

At 182 pounds, Ben Livingston was aggressive throughout the match, but was not able to score on his opponent and lost a 5-0 decision.  Franklin now lead 30-24.

At 195 pounds, Tyren Hamilton got the first takedown but got reversed.  The battle continued with each wrestler trading takedowns and escapes until the 3rd period, when the Franklin wrestler was able to turn Tyren to his back and get the pin.  Franklin now lead 36-24.

At 220 pounds, Bryce Brown was taken down and turned to his back and pinned in the 1st period to widen the Franklin lead to 42-24.

At 285 pounds, Nick Schiefelbein took on a Franklin wrestler who placed 3rd in the state the year before.  Nick was taken down in the first period but was able to escape.  In the 2nd period, the Franklin wrestler was able to hit a switch and quickly reversed Nick.  The Franklin wrestler put in an arm bar and was able to turn Nick to his back and pin him.

Franklin won the match 48-24, bringing Dulaney's dual meet record to 0-2.