Lions fall to the Owls 36-33

Photo Courtesy of John Bowers
Photo Courtesy of John Bowers

The match started off with a forfeit to Dundalk at 106 pounds, giving Dundalk a 6-0 lead.

At 113 pounds, Luis Ruano took his opponent down, but was not able to control him and gave up an escape.  His opponent took him down, but Luis was able to reverse him.  The series of takedowns and reversals continued in the 2nd period, but ultimately, Luis was put to his back in a headlock and was pinned.  Dundalk now lead 12-0.

At 120, Philip Bramucci got taken down with a headlock, but he was quickly able to roll his opponent through to his back and got the pin in 45 seconds, cutting the lead to 12-6.

At 126, Destiny Benjamin got the first period takedown with a blast double, but he couldn't get any more offense going the rest of the match. She won by a 2-0 decision to cut the team score to 12-9.

At 132, Ephrem Fitzsimmons wrestled a very tough opponent who won 25 matches last year.  Ephrem battled, but he couldn't score and lost the match 7-0.  The team score was 15-9.

At 138, James Fitzsimmons came out strong and got his opponent in a front headlock and was able to turn him to his back for the quick 35 second pin to tie the team score 15-15.

At 145, the Lions forfeited to Dundalk, giving them back the lead 21-15.

At 152, Brett Burke was taken down twice, but was able to escape each time.  He couldn't get any offense going and lost the match 4-3 to extend Dundalk's lead to 24-15.

At 160, Nicole Wanga stepped up and battled hard, but lost the match 20-11 to bring the team score to 28-15.

At 170, Noah Down dominated his opponent and ended up getting the pin to bring the team score to 28-21. 

At 182, Ben Livingston got the first takedown, but was penalized a point for locking his hands while wrestling in the top position.  He got reversed and was down 3-2.  In the 2nd period, Ben got the takedown, but was again penalized for locking hands, giving his opponent another point.  The Dundalk wrestler escaped and took Ben down for the 7-4 lead.  Ben couldn't get any offense going, but he was given 2 points when his opponent stalled in the 3rd period.  The penalty points proved the difference as Ben lost the match 7-6, extending Dundalk's lead to 31-21. 

At 195, Tyren Hamilton dominated his opponent with a series of takedowns and backpoints and eventually pinned his opponent in the 2nd period to bring the team score to 31-27.

At 220, Bryce Brown was taken down and put into a cradle, but was able to fight out of it.  In the 2nd period, the Dundalk wrestler chose top and was able to turn Bryce with a half nelson for the pin to bring the team score to 36-27.

At 285, Nick Schiefelbein battled for hand position and then hit an arm drag and was able to bring his opponent to his back for the pin in 1:13.  It wasn't enough as the final team score was 36-33, bringing the Lions overall record to 8-4 with a dual meet record of 1-3.