Dulaney with the Senior Night Victory!

We celebrated our senior wrestlers and managers before the match.  Molly Asher, Jasmine Thomas, Philip Bramucci, Destiny Benjamin, Brett Burke, Sam Bloch, and Tyren Hamilton were each announced by name and escorted by their family members.

The match started at 106 and Dulaney had to forfeit 106 and 113 due to failed skin checks.

At 120, Senior Captain Philip Bramucci used an Arm Drag to a single leg takedown and turned and pinned his opponent with an Arm Bar in the 1st period.  

At 126, Destiny Benjamin battled hard throughout the match, but couldn't hold off her aggressive opponent.  She did fight off a takedown in the last 20 seconds and saved us a team point by losing by a regular decision 9-1.  The team score was 15-6 in favor of Mount Hebron.

At 132, Ephrem Fitzsimmons was close to getting an Ankle Pick, but was flipped over to his back.  Ephrem could not escape in the 2nd period but took it to his opponent in the 3rd.  He took his opponent down twice in the 3rd period and was in on the takedown when he was again flipped to his back and lost 11-4.  Mount Hebron led 18-6.

At 138, James Fitzsimmons couldn't score a takedown in the 1st period, but was able to control and hold his opponent down to end the 2nd period tied 0-0.   In the 3rd, James chose bottom and was able to quickly reverse his opponent using a Wrist Roll.  His opponent escaped, but James was able to take him down again.  His opponent escaped, but James was able to defend the takedown in the final 10 seconds to win the match with a 4-2 decision.  Dulaney trailed 18-9.

At 145, Brett Burke battled an opponent that placed 4th in last year's Howard County Championships.  He was taken down and ultimately pinned in a Cradle.  Dulaney trailed 24-9.

At 152, Sam Bloch got a little too aggressive and his opponent capitalized to get the first takedown.  Sam quickly reversed him and put him on his back.  He was able to pin him with a Half Nelson near the end of the 1st period.  Dulaney trailed 24-15.

At 160, Noah Dow took his opponent down with a Single Leg and turned him to his back.  His opponent fought off the pin until the 1st period ended.  In the 2nd, Noah escaped and took him down again and turned him a few times and finally got the pin with 3 seconds left.  Dulaney trailed 24-21.

At 170, Zavion Woodard shot in and lifted his opponent off the mat and took him straight to his back and pinned him in 30 seconds!  Dulaney took the lead 27-24.

At 182, Dulaney forfeited.  Mount Hebron took the lead again 30-27.

At 195, Tyren Hamilton wrestled an opponent that placed 4th in last year's Howard County Championships.  He was taken down and pinned in the 1st period.  Dulaney trailed 36-27.

At 220, Bryce Brown received a forfeit.  Dulaney trailed 36-33.

At 285, Nick Schiefelbein received a forfeit.  Dulaney won the match 39-33!

The final team score was 39-33.  This brings their record to 21-8 overall and 9-4 in Dual Meets.